#ChicSassyMomFinds | EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗

There’s no time like the present to clean the makeup brushes. Oh well, I’ve been too lazy lately. 🤫 Bad. I know, right? What a joy that it’s just easy peasy with the EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo. I will try to be more diligent.

EcoTools brushes are love. I mean, they’re affordable, luxuriously soft and long lasting. I had the Alicia Silverstone EcoTools brush like forever. I just recently bought a new set, well because it was on Sale and it has a case. 

Product Description: This dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, brush shampoo is made with gentle plant-based ingredients, and is free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum-based ingredients. After use, brushes will be left clean, soft and free of any oily residue.  

To use: Dampen bristles with lukewarm water.  Squeeze a small amount of shampoo onto the brush, and gently rub bristles between your fingers to create a light lather. Rinse thoroughly. Continue until water runs clear. Squeeze excess water, reshape brush and lay flat to dry – do not stand brush upright.  

Tadaaa! Squeaky clean. The Benefit Cosmetics Blush Brush was super makeup-filled. I’m so guilty for just reusing it without cleaning. Next time, come back again for a before and after cleansing photo.

The EcoTools Brush Shampoo is a super affordable and effective cleanser. Price ranges from $4-8 depending on where you buy it. It means you don’t have to skimp on it, and no reason to dilly dally brush cleaning. At almost half the price, it works as nice as the  Beauty Blender Liquid Blender Cleanser. So yes, note to myself, don’t wait for spring to clean, hah. Cheers! ✌🏻

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