#FangirlModeOn | Hwayugi Ep 3 to resume Jan 6 🤗

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗

Episode 1 and 2 of Hwayugi or Korean Odyssey are truly, madly, crazy lovable to an ardent fangirl like yours truly. Indeed, hello, Lee Seung Gi, it’s nice to have you back. My excitement level is like that of Descendants of the Sun now Black Knight’s level. But it’s with sadness that there are real life drama surrounding the drama that resulted to accidents, investigation of negligence, and cancelling of production and airing. The immature fangirl in me cries pali, pali, juseyo, the struggle is real, but safety first. Then I wise up, prudently and diligently reflect, that truly, no actors, crew and staff should ever be subjected with so much stress (physical, mental, and emotional) for the sake of profits before artwork. Patience is a virtue. No good will come up with things done haphazardly. We need happy artists at work. The labor of love put into the masterpiece should resonate. Korean dramas feed and touch souls and lives here, people.

Lee Seung Gi oppa plays Son Oh-gong, the Monkey King of the Chinese Classic Novel Journey to the West. 

I’m giddy that he’s playing the Monkey King role. Hahaha, because my hubby always teased me that I’m a monkey, mischievous, okay sometimes prideful. Hah. I’m born on the year of the monkey, that’s why. Anyhow, normally, the fangirl in me would watch the Chinese version (in fairness though, I watched Scarlet Heart first, so was happy to have Lee Jun Ki oppa with Moon Lovers), probably even read the book. But I’ll pass. I have all my favorite people playing characters in Hwayugi. No need to make things complicated by comparing.

Oh Yeon-Seo with Lee Seung Gi. I’m already sold to their chemistry. Oh Yeon-Seo will never disappoint.  

I like Cha Seung-won in Three Meals a Day, and yes, I’ve seen The Greatest Love too. His role and his interaction with Lee Seung-Gi, is sincerely funny. Lee Hong Ki, I love, love, love him in Bride of the Century, and so I’m happy to see Sung Hyuk as Dong Jang-Goon in a drama with him too. Sung Hyuk’s character in Bride is a reminiscent  of that one sweet oppa one needs to always have, that he has you back. So you’re safe. It feels the same here, with his being a confidant of Son Oh Gong.

Anyhow, I feel and see a more oppa-ble Lee Seung Gi here. Hahaha I watched most of his drama, but when I binged watch again on Shining Inheritance, Gu Family Book and King 2 Hearts to feed my Lee Seung-Gi fix after the hunger left by Ep 1 and 2 of Korean Odyssey, I’m seeing him in a whole new light. It’s really that post military aura that makes everyone more oh-so-lovable. Hello, heartthrob!

So it it with happy fangirl heart to hear that Hwayugi team are working on improving work quality, not just the output, but giving health and safety of the team members priority. Episode 3 will resume airing January 6, as rescheduled. Oh happy day. Korean Odyssey fandom, rejoice! 🤗

Source: Naver Entertainment

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