First Sip and dip: Bulletproof Coffee + Keto | #DietForever

TGIF! 🤗 It’s only a matter of time (and there’s no time like the present) that I will also try Keto diet, oh well, I’m on diet forever, anyhow. But first, coffee. 

Bulletproof coffee is divine. 😋☕️
I mostly did it all, name it, (1200-calorie diet, meal subscription, juicing, slimming pills, coffee and tea), except for exercising. Ha. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
For background, I’m between 145-130 lbs, dream weight is 125 lbs. I never achieved that. The closest was 128 lbs, which took me year to do, not because of a “diet”, but because I had medical emergency, which required me and compelled me to diligently follow the rules. It’s basically no pork, no beef, no potato chips, no popcorn, no nuts, and no chocolate. It’s basically low-residue diet. I guess after our 2016 December USA Trip, and the trips after (Korea, Singapore, and back to USA), I gave up, and just eat to my heart’s content. Plus, we have no weighing scale here 😉 not until last Saturday when I bravely agreed to buy one, because I was already doing partial Keto diet. It’s partial because, I was cheating, we had two special date nights, so yes. Partial. Haha. But I started Monday with some dedication to just do Keto diet with an ardent fangirl heart. 
Ketogenic (aka Keto) diet is basically a very, very low carb, low sugar, low protein diet and high fat diet. With these, the body goes into a metabolic state of ketosis, which makes turns our body into a fat burning machine. I like! I tried Scarsdale diet, which works, but very limiting and then there’s that headache, which I can’t deal with. You’re anxious, grumpy, and just floating. So noooh!!! Then I came across bulletproof coffee to jumpstart your keto diet. Better late than sorry. 
What’s in my bulletproof coffee. When you google it, there’s actually a bulletproof coffee brand. Just think Colgate, for all toothpaste. Valentus SlimRoast Coffee from Amazon, Kerrygold Butter from Costco (it’s that recommended butter from grass-fed cows), coconut oil (bought it in Marshalls but there’s also one in Trader Joe’s), and Stevia for sweetener. 
Take note, I was already on Valentus Slimroast coffee since a long time ago, on and off. But I don’t shed pounds, it works just by keeping my weight in place considering all the feasting and buffets I was having then and now. Quickly, I like Valentus than Javita. It tastes and smells better, plus no headache. I’m using the same Oster My Blend that I use for fruit shakes. With 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp Coconut Oil, quickly blend everything together, and voila! Bulletproof coffee that smells so good and so frothy. Yum! I love coconut chocolates mixture so the flavor really works for me. That’s my breakfast for over two weeks now. Again, the first week doesn’t count. But this week does. Truly, if I’m busy or so engage in a Korean drama marathon, it can last me until 3pm with only water and tea keeping me company. No headache. No floating. So far, going on Keto diet seems workable (will work on a separate post). My only drama here is giving up on desserts, chocolates, and cakes (but there are options 😉). So far, so good. Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! Cheers! 🍷

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