#ChicSassyMomFinds | Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes Makeup Remover

Hello, Decemberrrr! I’m late (but better late than sorry). 🤗

Yay! It has been a while since I did a full product review, you know that post with “the works” with before and after pic. Hah. But I’m inspired, so yes, let’s do this.

My everyday makeup, Korean inspired of course 😉, is easy peasy with just the eyeliner as must-always-have. I was out of contact lenses for a while, so I missed out on mascara. Plus, because Kanebo Kate eyeliners were really waterproof and lasting, it takes a while to remove them. So far, I have not been successful in finding a good eye-makeup remover here. But now, I’m back to contacts (Hello, Tom Ford shades!😎), so bring on the mascara for more drama (I can’t wear fake lashes everyday). So a good reliable makeup remover is in order.

Who doesn’t adore Costco, right? So while we’re at it, I thought I’ll hoard try and get their Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelletes. (Good buy indeed, well, I’ll be with it for a long time since it comes with a 4x 30ct and 2x15pc pack, total of 150 pre-moistened towelettes for $11.99++.)

Official Product Description: Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes are the simplest, softest cleansing solution. Pamper yourself with an effective and complete skincare solution that offers a deep clean and does not irritate your skin. Our ultra-mild formula with cucumber, chamomile flower extract, and aloe removes all traces of makeup, oil and dirt-leaving your skin glowing and refreshed. No rinsing is necessary.

Ultra-mild. Gentle-enough to use around the eyes. Deep clean. Skin that’s glowing. I’m sold.

Fist photo with makeup up. Second and third photos, after cleansing with the towelette (aptly called because it’s strong, extra large than regular wipes, and oh so soft, plus I like the scent too). When I used it, I still have my contacts on, sometimes, if I’m not too gentle, I tend to sting my eyes. But so far, so good, no sting. And no smudges left. Goodbye, Panda eyes!
Tadaa! Truly, it’s effortless and there were no smudges. It doesn’t really call out waterproof makeup removing powers, but then I assumed since it says it “removes all traces”, then it’s a given that eye makeup (eyeliner + mascara) can only be waterproof. Rightly so, it doesn’t disappoint.  Loving it so far.

But wait, there’s more. 

Swatches of my everyday makeup. Kanebo Kate Pencil Eye liner | Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Eye Definer | Kanebo Kate Liquid Liner (Super Favorite) | KPalette Brow Mascara | Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara  |  LipSense | Kylie Kristen

Second photo is first swipe. The Chanel is easy peasy to remove. Second swipe, most eye makeup were gone except for the Kanebo Kate Pencil Eye liner (waterproof and lasting indeed), third and fourth photos are after several swipes (10+++) already with some effort and pressure. Lipsense and Kylie lipsticks are truly lasting, so let me use the LipSense Oops! remover.

So far, it does remove, but not entirely. I had to use the Kirland Facial Towelette to reinforce. From experience, an oily or buttery meal will do a better trick of removing LipSense and Kylie. Haha. 

I do have a sensitive skin. Breakouts here and then too. So just for the sake of really testing the product, I did leave it on overnight, without my skincare goodies (oh my!) just to know if it will work by itself (on those days and nights that I can’t bring the whole skincare gang, like that last time we went camping). Yay! I survived! No breakouts. Skin feels and looks okay even on a verrry cold morning. I’m saved! I might just be able to travel light when the occasion calls for it. Bring on more eye makeup drama! Cheers! 🍷

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