#ChicSassyMomFinds | Bath and Body Works Christmas Coupons and Favorites

Oh Bath and Body Works…my addiction love for it, no words. Aw. 😉

 Aromatherapy Stress Relief and Happiness + Christmas Coupons

Remember my shopping tip 7 years ago (below) … it still applies. That purchase above, I used the Free Item of your choice coupon emailed to me. It’s Free Item for every $10 purchase. Then from buying that, I got the Christmas Coupons.

When shopping at Bath & Body Works in the US, make sure you don’t buy bulk! Cut your purchases into at least $30 first, then schedule your next visit…why? Because they give out free gift, discount coupons every after purchase, (at least that’s my experience for the 3 visits I had in less than a month’s time)! Like a $10 off card for every $30 purchase, a Buy1, Get 1 the same item, a free item etc…Feel Good! Smell Good! Happy Shopping!   

Although, they don’t give out physical coupons as often, best to sign up at Bath and Body Works online and you get the deals, offers and coupons, and you have to show your email in store. And more often than not, I’m so easy to get. Ha.

Today, I went out to use the first coupon again, the free item. 😉

Today I bought the Mint Leaf & Bergamot Body Wash with Olive Oil and for the freebie, I got the candle holder (they make the best smelling and lasting candle everrr, so watch out for their 3-wick Candles Sale). Oh happy day. Smart shopping, isn’t it?! Haha
But then there was more promotions in store, so I ended up getting more body creams. Told you, I’m so easy to get. Methinks this is my new favorite scent and line after the Stress Relief. I love the Essential Oils line with Olive Oil. It’s truly creamy and moisturizing…saves my precious hands from too much dishwashing. Ha.

Yay! It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas, everywhere you go. Oh but there’s more, there is still that big Thanksgiving and Black Friday and oh yeah the Cyber Monday Sale. Wish me luck. Cheers! 🍷

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