#ChicSassyMomFinds | Royal Stafford Dinnerware etc.

Oh Hello, hello!  The colors and designs of our dinnerwares set our home decorating theme. Well, because, true to our family as well, the kitchen/dining area is where we spend most time together, and more often than not, the no gadget-rule applies. Quality time. Meaningful connections. On the functional side, the dinnerwares are out a lot, they serve as the key decorating elements. Wow. I’m feeling a bit like an interior designer. 😉 So when we got the plates, it’s back to blue, and sky is the limit. Lovely!

Dinner is served. Royal Stafford Floral Weave Dinner plate, Salad Plate, Soup bowl, and serving dish

Thank goodness I paid attention to my aunts on their ravings of their collections of Royal Albert, Royal Stafford, Lenox, Lladro, Capodimonte, and what have you. So when we saw the Royal Stafford that can do service for 8, we’re sold!

Happy tea time with TWG Tea from our Singapore trip, Royal Albert Polka Blue 2-Tier Dessert stand and matching tea cups and tea pot. Keep calm, and drink tea. 
Gotta match em all. I found these coaster set from Target by Creative Coop Secret Garden Collection. I will show you another time, but we have birds, owls to complement our overall theme of floral/garden prints. Of course, they need to be blue. 
Our table setting outside. We also have pineapples, owls too. 

We had so much fun shopping. #FeelingInteriorDesigner Mostly from Homegoods (favorite place everrrr), and some in Target or Amazon. Not all Homegoods are the same, of all the 4 branches we’ve visited, it’s not often you find Royal Stafford, Royal Albert etc. When I see the “Made in England” sticker, my eyes twinkle, twinkle. Fine bone China is also must get. It’s extra nice because this is a collective effort with my husband. It seemed he’s onboard with the theme. So he didn’t mind the floral patterns, and my penchant for pineapples and owls. They matched with the theme, I say. Haha.

I guess, there’s still feat in collecting items that are not easily within your disposal. Ha. So when in California, instead of getting American brands for dinnerwares (say like Corelle), we decided we want dinnerwares from England, Japan, China, India etc. London is calling. (Pfft, I haven’t been there yet, but my my, I already now what to hoard shop, so help me God.) Cheers! ;-D

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