#ChicSassyMomEats | Singapore’s Irvins Salted Egg Chips Now in Manila #DangerouslyAddictive

Annyeong, cinggu!Β πŸ€— My FB timeline is flooded with friends’ ravings on Irvins Salted Egg opening in SM Megamall Fashion Hall (as per Irvins’ official IG it’s on the Ground floor, Left of the Main Glass Door). Oh how I miss Irvins’.

Let me join the craze and decide for yourself if it’s worth the trip and the queue.

Last April we went to Singapore, I was bitter for not making it to a Coldplay Concert in Manila so I decided to fix my broken heart with a trip. We probably decided with Singapore because we wanted to get our Salted Egg Chips fix. Seriously, we’ve been trying out several Manila versions, we had some hits and misses, average price of a bag of Salted Egg Potato Chips goes for Php 250. So we said, let’s go to Singapore.

We were told that we need to be early to the store. It’s just actually a kiosk in the mall. VivoCity is the adjacent mall to Sentosa, which was our itinerary for the day. The store opens 10 am. I guess we were there about that time since we wanted to have an early start to Sentosa.

Oh yes, there was already a line for the Irvins Salted Egg in VivoCity.Β 
Irvins Salted Egg Singapore Dollar Prices $8 (150g) for small bag and $16 (230g) for big bag. I read that the price of Irvins in Manila Megamall branch is Php 300 for small bag and Php 600 for big bag. It’s the same price!!!Β 

There is a limit of 5 bags per person. The stocks are limited. Seriously, after lunch, it’s all sold out.

Β There’s three of us, so we got all our allocation of 15 bags. Happy Day.
Spot Irvins Salted Egg Chips. For the love of Irvins, we brought these along to our day trip in Sentosa. We took turns carrying them.
Chaseyboy can’t wait (he doesn’t like me to take his picture as much, time flies πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) Β Snacking Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips aboard a cable Car in Sentosa. πŸ˜‹Β 
Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin doesn’t taste fishy at all. I still like Potato Chips better though.Β 

There are local version of Salted Egg Potato Chips, to date we’ve identified two favorites, Bag of Crisps Salted Egg Chips (sold in Greenhills) and Golden Crisps by Chrisha’s Kitchen. Price goes for Php 250. Hmmmm, now with the original in town, they might want to revisit the pricing. If you want to do-it-yourself, the Salted Egg Powder is also sold in Pioneer Center for about Php 800+ for a bag.

Irvin Salted Egg SM Megamall Manila Location

So happy for the fans of the cult favorite Irvins Salted Egg, no need to go to SG to hoard it, hello, baggage space savings, so more space to shop and of course still must see in Singapore, the Supergrove Trees and the Garden Rhapsody at the Gardens by the Bay, which I super love.

Chic and sassy tip…it’s best to keep them in a colder room temperature, once we left ours in the car, there were moisture or some melting of the salted egg powder, it tasted a bit fishy. But mostly, no joke, seriously addictive. It’s dangerous, I don’t even know how much calories there are in a bag (is there? I didn’t care to check, which is unusual because I usually do). Of the 15 bags, I guess we only gifted/shared 5. We ate most of it to our hearts and tummy’s delight. What diet?! Cheers! ;-D

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