#ChicSassyMomTravels | V. Sattui Winery Napa Valley

Napa Valley is love. It’s so reminiscent of A Walk in the Clouds. Awww, I’m charmed with the vineyards, wineries and the cellars. If you are following me in IG @Chicsassymom , you ought to know that I love red wine, and my favorite to collect is Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir, just because it seems harder to find in Manila, like ratio of 1 Pinot Noir to 10 Cabernet Sauvignon. Oooh, that, plus I like  pronouncing it. Hah. Oh by the way, I will not talk about wine 101 here. I just like to drink wine because as per study, a glass of red wine is like an hour of work out at the gym. I kid you not. Haha

How sweet it is when life gives you grapes
Our first of three wineries is V. Sattui
V. Sattui is perfect for weekend BBQ and Picnic.  We’ve been told that of the 3 wineries we will visit, only V Sattui has good food and an okay place to have kids together. 

Wine and Cheese…perfect pair.

Food Selection at the Artisan Deli and Marketplace
Weekend BBQ  at V. Sattui. Chaseyboy, our son, loves the Grape Juice. 
Now on to the good stuff of exercising wine tasting, there are several choices to go about it, there’s the V. Sattui Market Place Tasting, Tower Tasting and more. I guess having children with us and my hubby who has yet to develop a penchant for wines, the Marketplace Tasting is already a good choice.

Drink wine and be merry. 
For $15 per person, choose up to five wines. 

I guess most wine connoisseurs would be signing up for memberships here and there. So yes, maybe, in the not so distant future, why not. 🙋🏻

Date Day in V. Sattui…Marketplace, Wine House, Cellar.
Oh my, I should have known, it’s such a nice place and day to dress up with a sundress and matching hat. Next time.
Except I dressed up like this #OOTD Tom Ford Shades | Zara Top | Ripped Joe’s Jeans | Nike Jordan Space Jams | Tory Burch Purse
Cheers! Geonbae! 🥂
Napa Valley, where wine is bottled poetry.
V. Sattui is just one of the three wineries we visited. Castello di Amarosa seems more splendid even on the outside, but it was a weekend and we’re a big group so we needed reservation. To enter the castle, everyone regardless if child, non-drinker, should pay the tasting/entrance fee. I will save it for next time. Beringer is another charming place, the Beringer Rhine House is so reminiscent of Harry Potter.  Plus, like V. Sattui, you can tour the place without having to outright pay for entrance fee. Tasting rates will depend on which part of the vineyard. 
There’s so much more to see and to experience in Napa Valley. The view is breathtaking and magnificent. While now, I just like the resveratrol, soon, maybe it’s the wine tasting experience I will be fangirling. Cheers! ;-D 

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