#ChicSassyMomEats | DIY Spam Musubi

Aloha! Finally, We can have Spam Musubi all we like.

I got my own musubi mold in Daiso. Oh happy day!

Musubi Mold in Daiso and we’re #TurningJapanese

Here’s how my aunt made her famed Spam Musubi (I have to tell you, she’s a Kapampangan so she’s a really good cook, she lived in Japan for years, and frequently visits Hawaii, so she’s very credible 😋). But with Spam Musubi, I reckon, anyone with mold can cook! 🙋🏻

She makes her own terriyaki sauce (with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar). Easy peasy. 

You can’t go wrong with it.
Easy peasy Spam Musubi 😋

The mold is the key. Plus the rice needs to be warm so it can be molded. We’re okay with regular BBQ sauce. We do love it to be more Japanese-ish, so we add extra calories Kewpie Mayo. Let’s eat! ;-D 

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