#ChicSassyMomTravels | Tahoe Camping Highlights πŸ•

Oh hello there! TGIF! πŸ˜€

Oh my, I survived 2 nights camping at William Kent campground. I feel like I can do this again, with few more tweaks and adjustments on our camping checklist. Yay!

Bonfire setup 101. As per my cousin, for a good bonfire, this is how you do it. Β It has something to do with a teepee.Β 
Chaseyboy’s camp axe save the day. My 11 year old son must-have for this trip is a camp axe.Β 
Grilled bacons for our bacon cheeseburgers. Yum! πŸ˜‹
S’mores Step 1
Roasting marshmallows with roasting sticks. I’ve learned that patience is a virtue, as always. You have to take your time roasting it away from the flame, turning the marshmallows so it’s golden brown, not burned black.
Easy peasy S’moresssss …success! #Lovelovelove

I’ll never be too old for S’mores, and having them in real life camping setting (haha, sorry, this is my first time) is such a happy experience…young at heart once again.

My boys. Father and son bonding. ❀️

Our campsite is across Lake Tahoe with William Kent shoreline. It’s beautiful, except we’re not ready for swimming or sunbathing (I don’t think I’ll be sunbathing anytime soon. Hah) so we’ll save it for another time and I will detail the camping post for later. They’re right, time camping isn’t time spent, it’s time invested in building memorable experience and connections. Cheers! ;-D

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