#ChicSassyMomFinds | Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hello, friends!  Awww, it will be my JB Oppa’s day soon. It’s always challenging for me to get my hubby gift for whenever. He’s just very picky particular, in a nice way, don’t get me wrong. ☺️ He likes specific scents, colors and prints. So if I want it easy, like this time, I just make him choose since he’s very much vocal on what he likes or doesn’t anyhow (me too 🙋🏻). While it’s hard to surprise him that way, but still less ordinary and personalised gifts for Father’s Day seems to do the trick.

So far, here’s a run through of what I got him and tried to gift him, but to some, he just beats mo to it. Oh well.✌🏻

Watch is always a good idea. It seems for him, one can never have too many of them (just like how I’m with bags 👜). Tag Heuer Watch. I like the brand, so I’m giddy when we do his and hers. He got this from our recent Singapore 
Happy much. Happy hubby, happy life. 😂
Nike Jordan Shoes.  He hoards Jordan and Kobe shoes. He can never have enough (me too 🙋🏻). 
Here’s a Lock and Lock Water Bottle I got for all of us. 

Here are more gift selections from Gifts Less Ordinary.
Very nice.  I love personalised gifts. I feel that they’re extra special since they’re well-thought of, and feels like they’re just made for you. 
… and when all else fails, “Me time” at Best Buy works like magic

Though he’s usually happy to just settle with TLC (tender loving care)😂, we love you, Daddy JB, but still, we got him a Father’s Day gift.

Father and Son. Love you. 

To the very special men, my dad and Chaseyboys’ Dad, we love you to the moon and back. Happy Father’s Day!  Cheers! ;-D 

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