Birthday Gift: Louis Vuitton Wallet

Oh wow, I just realized that it has been quite sometime, years even, since I wrote about a bag post. If I will have my way, I hope to be a fashion blogger. Yay! My wish. #prettyplease 😂

Anyhow, I missed on the opportunity of posting about my recent acquisitions of designer bags and wallets. As if. Hah. This is a latergram belated blog post.

Love you ❤️, Honey-oh for gifting me my 4th Louis Vuitton (🤔 let’s count the blessings 😇). So just you know, my husband is super brand loyal (he loves Nike, but only Kobe Bryant and Jordan lines), for me, he insists thinks I can only do LV and Prada, so far he’s supporting only those two brands (I dream of more Givenchy and Balenciaga too). Hahaha. Love you, Hon! For my birthday in California, he gifted me a matching wallet.

Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet Monogram Canvas
Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet M41895

Official LV Product Description: The Zippy Wallet gets an upgrade: this new version of our iconic wallet boasts 4 extra credit card slots and a colourful leather lining. Combining well-organised functionalities with a pure design, it is the optimal answer to an urban lifestyle. 

Tadaa! Nice-he!!! 😍 I have my must-have cards with me, one side for the misc ( Starbucks Cards x 2, Lee Joon Gi T-Money Card, SSS ID, S&R, HMO Card), the other side is for my bank cards. I have more membership and discount cards, I keep another wallet for those. I love that it has many compartments, just to be better organized. ☺️
Lee Joon Gi T-Money Card + LV Wallet = Love ❣️#Fangirl 

So now for the price, it goes for $805 plus tax, it went to $870. I know because the OR serves as the authenticity proof, I had to ask it for safekeeping. You ought to know except on supermarket and skincare shopping, I tend to be naturally miserly. I have a lower spending threshold. 😂 To date, I have two favorite wallet (this and the Prada). While some said it’s nice to do matching, my, that’s just so much effort. So far, so good. (Meantime) I couldn’t ask for more. Cheers! ;-D

P.S. Oh, just in case you are subscribed to my blog (please, please don’t unsubscribe, it pains me💔), you would know that I’m on a blogging marathon 😂. Oh my, it must be because it feels like there is a countdown for D-Day (happening on February 15), and while I do hope I’ll be true that I will update this more often, will try to blog as much as I can. 

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