Better late than never: Hello, 2017!

Hello, hello, 2017! 2016, oh how I love thee. 2017, let’s bring it on. So far, so good. 
Oh my, hope all is well with everyone. It’s really been a while since I went MIA (I do hope you are following me on IG @chicsassymom for daily updates). 
My last post was my October 2016 trip to Seoul. A lot have happened since. A series of post for Seoul 2017 will be shared soon (oh I do hope to find time to do so). Anyhow, I hope to be more diligent. It dawned on me that I was just stressing and dilly dallying, unnecessarily. I do intend to blog a lot, I take thousands of photos, but in the end, between blogging and watching K-Drama, the addiction always win. ;-D 
After Seoul in 2016, we went to Taiwan, Chicago, California. Last February 2017, I went back to Seoul. Please check out my Instagram @chicsassymom #ChicSassyMomTravels. 
Just when I decided to blog today, I opened my MacBook, and no battery!!! Really. I had to take the effort to charge it (should I blog or should I not? hah) and it’s already playing on my mind just how I will nag my son later on my rule on never to let it run on low bat, let alone, no bat. Shocks! Okay, I will relax and remind myself it’s a Monday. Chill.
I am forced to be a morning person, since the alarm kicks off every 4am, everyday, to nag help my son get ready for school. That would have been super great so I can be early for work, but not, I sneak back to sleep, and ends up forcing myself to wake up again feeling either sleep deprived (complaining how life is so unfair for an employee like yours truly ;-D) or lethargic for someone who can actually afford staying in bad whole day just because I’m on my last two days of vacation before starting out work elsewhere. Yes, I’m moving! Hmmm, will save a post for it. So there, hope this post jumpstart my 2017. 
Chinese New Year officially marks my 2017, we’re not Chinese (hubby is only 12.5%), but I take time to celebrate at home with dinner and some traditions just because we were abroad for the past two New Years.  New Year for 2016 we were in Japan and Hongkong, and 2017 we were in California, but we’re getting ready for our Jan 1 early flight back to Manila. So here’s to new beginning…
I’m sort of into red wine now. 🍷 Just because I read somewhere on the weight-loss benefits of it.  🤔😂
Cheese Plate 101. I love cheese. Those cheese(s) I brought all the way from California, and had to pass a TSA Security Manual scrutiny. 🙎🏻
2016 was beyond amazing. It felt like I was on a rollercoaster. There were a lot of dramas uphill, every climb was challenging, but then every drop was exhilarating. There was a question posted to me on just where do I get the energy to go through all those real life drama (new work/company, LSPA (son’s school PTA) presidency, travel, fangirling etc.), I think it’s through a lot of help and prayers, that I muster the courage to go through all of them. I’m sincerely thankful. It’s not all peaches and cream but I know it can only get better. This blog post I did for CNY 2012, is still very much relevant, relatable and applicable. So here goes…I’m taking 2017! It’s mine! It can be yours too! Let’s be fabulous in 2017! Happy, 2017! I’ll be your forever grateful, at your service, Chic and Sassy Mom!  Cheers! 🍻🎊

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