Seoul 2016: Ji Chang Wook 3D #FanMeeting #Fangirl

Annyeong, chinggu-ya! 

Highlight of my October 2016 Seoul trip was the Ji Chang Wook 3D best everrr fan meet. Absolutely, one for the record books.

Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha a.k.a. K2 
Ji Chang Wook  #Starstruck

Healer-ya is so back with The K2 this year, finally.

To those who are asking, our Seoul trip was plan ahead of time. Surprised and perfectly timed, that weekend, Ji Chang Wook had his fan meeting. Fated.

Mabuhay! Mahal ka namin, Ji Chang Wook! 2 Fangirls (+1 Fanboy we met on the way out) from the Philippines
While queueing,  this adorable puppy walk around. Fascinating, only to know after, it was Him. Hahaha

In fairness, it’s so organize. Now, I have high expectations of fan meeting. Hah.

K-Fangirls, Unite! 
(Unlimited) Chicken and Drinks plus Beer
Showtime.Love, love, love. 

He was in the stage singing, and doing games. Then, the next thing you know, he’s walking around the venue, taking selfies. So much for his security protocol. I love him much.

Watching an episode of The K2. He’s such an endearing person. No words. 
His Encore performance.  He was out of the venue, but we stayed on and kept shouting for encore, and he went back. Daebak! 

While this is my first Seoul fan meeting and one of the cheapest (I wonder if did the organizer even make a profit, considering unlimited chicken and drinks were provided for), I say that this is really for the record books. Ji Chang Wook was all over the place sincerely providing the highest level of fan service. I bet, it’s a security nightmare for his team. I did say in my social media account that I had several up close encounters with him. We connected. 😉 Promise. I was just so starstruck that I forget to be sensible. Would you even know? I guess I should have asked for a selfie. 😂

Ji Chang Wook oppa, until next time. Cheers! 😍

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