Anello Backpack 🎒 from Japan in Black and Camouflage

Konbanwa! 🙂

When we went to Japan last time, I wasn’t yet privy to Anello bags until my friend bought one also from her Japan trip. It’s not only pretty, but very functional and affordable. Nice. Love it.

Com po evinho, anda-se caminho. Apparently, it is a Portuguese proverb, Com pão e vinho, anda-se caminho, translated, it says “With bread and wine, to walk away!” Makes sense.

Thankfully, I have chinggus who supports my whims. So when Lala, who I went with Ji Chang Wook’s fan meeting, went to Japan. She messaged me that she found Anello bags. I asked her to get me the basic black and camouflage. Yay! Daebak! Love you!

Anello Backpack AT-B0193A (P) bought in Japan for 4500 JPY. The black one is surprisingly made in Philippines (?), while the Camouflage is made in China. 

An Anello Bag made in the Philippines? Curious, I decided to check for authenticity. Except for the Made in Philippines, everything seems in order. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I haven’t heard of it yet. Google search does not give me any Made in Philippines match. But they both have impeccable stitching and mostly matching hardwares.

Handle Button of the black back has 6 stars, which is the previous design. While the Camouflage features now the Carrot. Co.. For the lining, it seems it also matches the one on site, for black it has a olive green, while the camouflage has a black. Comes with three cards or labels (price tag, manual, and brand and social media label). Though the black one’s model and price card has overlabel with AT-B0193P in the print, and and overlabel with AT-B0193A. It seems possible as the new barcode label in the Anello Authentication website shows a sticker or overlabel. 
With different Logo Versions, with the black one having bolder print than the camouflage, but from the site, both are valid logo versions. Both have the golden hardwares (zippers, zipper pulls), in yellow gold.  The tag inside the bag says the manufacturing place and dates. 

When traveling, next to a messenger bag, I like a backpack. It’s very convenient, and keeps my hands free. In fact, it will be my foremost choice when traveling to safer cities. That, plus it’s very Korean drama fashion, so I’m sold. 😉 I own an Aldo leather back pack, which is also nice, but comes with some added weight. I do dream of owning a designer backback soon. (Prada! Ahem!) 😂

Regardless, I feel reassured of the Japanese quality. So far, so good. I like the lightweight material. Plus the quality, I said it right, looks and feels impeccable. And the price? Winner. Next to shoes, a great bag takes you to good places. True to the proverb that Anello seeks inspiration from, “with bread and wine (literally you can fill it in with a whole lot of goodies), to walk away”. On point. Cheers! 🍞🍷

P.S. Some features, I did not post. Brand secrets. Hah. 


  1. Hi,The proverb is not well written which is sad…The correct one is: \”Com pão evinho anda-se caminho\”.\”po\” doesn't mean \”bread\” but instead it is closer to \”dust\” (correct way for dust would be \”pó\”).I believe they made this mistake because the machine that they used to print did not have the \”ã\”.Because it becomes closer to dust instead of bread, it makes the proverb that they tried to achieve completely wrong!But cheers for the post!


  2. Hi! My husband just came back from Japan 2 days ago.I asked him to buy 4 anello backpacks (black, camou, tricolor and khaki) and also to my surprise, all are Made in the Philippines. At first, i have doubt about it’s authentiicity bec. I am planning to sell those bags😊. I searched for signs of authenticity, all have carrot.co in the button, yellow gold zipper and the Zip pull with leather in front and an extra zipper at the back which is the newer version. It only lacks the manufacturing date on the white label inside. It also comes with 3 tags. Can someone tell me if its authentic or not? Thank you!


  3. I just got back from japan few weeks ago, and while I was there, I bought 2 anello bags from BIC Camera store. At that time, I Never thought to check information on the fake one. I bought from BIC Camera because there were at huge discounted prices (got 2 bags for only 5000 yen, one is a small backpack) and it was a big store. Now, aft get back home, I started to surf for info on anello bag. All information on the authentic anello bag match the ones I bought, but there is one difference which is on the words On the brand tag which most pictures are written as “COM PO EVINHO” while on mine it was written as “COM PAO E VINHO”. From what I read, the actual portuguese words should be COM PAO, but how come most bags are written as COM PO? Is that mean my bags are fake (which I strongly doubt because I bought it at BIC Camera which is a large chain store in Japan and u can find it everywhere). Does anyone have any info abt it? Would appreciate if you can let me know.


  4. Mine has the same \”COM PAO E VINHO\” which I bought in Kyoto. After some research, it is the new phrasing on the label which I was also able to confirm on the Carrot Company Official Japan Online Store. As mentioned above the COM PO EVINHO is actually incorrect. Someone probably informed Anello about it thus the new phrasing. 🙂


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