Winter Clothes Shopping in Manila #OOTD ❄️☃️

Winter is coming…Can’t wait for our Chicago and LA trip come December.  😉

Looking back at our first ever trip to California for the holidays, that was 2012, we spent so much preparing for it. Plus, there were not a lot of stores back then that feature winter fashion in Manila. So it was Uniqlo and Debenhams for us. But now, we have Muji, M&S, H&M, F&F and what have you. Hello, Winter Fashion in Manila!

I dream of a hooded (faux) fur coat. Found one in F&F Glorietta, from Php 4250, now on sale at Php 2950. 
This is what I got for Chase yesterday. Camouflage + Fur = Winner!  On sale for Php 1750 plus additional 20% off. 
F&F Shopping Finds for Chase (and just one for me 😉). 

Throwback. For last year’s Japan trip, it was mostly Nautica for Chase. But we were in Japan. It’s Uniqlo aplenty.

Nautica Finds in SM Department Store

Overtime, we’ve learned to master the art of layering. For me, Uniqlo offers the best selection of thermal under wears, and leggings. If you will be in Japan, buy now. 😁 It will save you a lot of baggage space and save you from looking overly plump.

Chic and Sassy Shopping Tips: If you are going to Seoul on a winter, do not bring or buy a lot of winter clothes in Manila. There are nicer and cheaper choices in Seoul below Php 3000. See my OOTD Post in Seoul last February 2015, and the recent below.

Taken on the same day last October 14. It’s not too chilly in Seoul, I was just initially wearing a Superdry Windbreaker, but a quick stop at Lotte Department Store adjacent to the ITX station, I found this nice Trench coat, which was on sale for 50000 KRW. Such a steal, so I changed outfit. Haha, I was overdressed. 😂
#OOTD #WheninJapan Marks & Spencer Coat | Levi’s | Fitflop Boots | Prada

Note to self, again, if going to Seoul, don’t bring a lot of clothes, regardless of season. Seoul fashion is so pretty and relatively affordable. Going to Japan? It will be Uniqlo and Muji, but clothes mostly will be in basic colors. So if you like colors, match it up with colorful scarves. For winter clothes shopping in Manila, my threshold for a good coat should be below Php 3000, unless I find a winter jacket here less than that amount, then I’m tempted to get it here like my F&F finds earlier. F&F is the clothing line of UK based-retailer, Tesco. In Philippines, it’s operated by Stores Specialist Inc. (SSI). Or buy off-season, during pre or post sale. Above was Marks & Spencer Coat I both on sale for only Php 1500. I have Muji coats for about the same price. Now, it seems that we have closet full of winter clothes.

If you are following me on Instagram (@chicsassymom), yesterday’s soiree was a trip to F&F in Glorietta for Chaseyboy’s winter clothes. From our years of spending Christmas mostly in California, and last year in Japan, we’re not probably experts on how to bundle up for Chicago’s Winter. Oh well, will see…so exciting. Cheers! ;-D

Updated: November 9, 2018

We’ve moved to California. Do checkout Fall and Winter outfits shopping when in California. It’s divine! ☃️

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