Shop Online, Earn, and Cashout at Shopback #MustDo

If you are into online shopping like yours truly,  you’ve probably heard of ShopBack, and if you haven’t, read on. So there’s such a site called ShopBack that rewards you when you actually shop online. How did I miss this?! This is very promising and it works like this.

My recent online shopping finds at Lazada, Althea, and Sephora. 
If you haven’t signed up to Lazada, Althea, or Sephora yet, but positively considering to do so, please do not sign up to their site just yet. Check out ShopBack Philippines first.

 Sign up at ShopBack for a Php 100 sweetener.

Explore on the popular sites listed. For beauty products and gadgets, I go to Althea, Sephora, and Lazada. 
To know how much is the cashback/rebate click on the store. 
This is what is in store for Lazada. See that there is difference when you are just signing up in Lazada vs. a returning customer like yours truly. When you are ready to shop or sign up, click Shop Now. Wait for the new browser. It redirects to the main Lazada Site. Do your sign up, sign in, shopping as usual. My hubby is addicted to Lazada. Mostly good and reliable deals be it in the Marketplace or Lazada direct. The Returns/Refund guarantee is easy peasy, that is very reassuring just in case. 
This is for Althea Philippines. In Althea, you get Korean Cosmetics, Innisfree, Iope, and several others. There are deals, like B1T1, Buy 2, Take 1 Free, and a lot more. So this is my go-to site for that.  
For Sephora, note that there is a difference from Existing and New. I’m so happy that Sephora is now available in the Philippines. I usually buy Benefit Cosmetics Value Sets in the US, so I’m happy to have Sephora here. Retail price is the same in the shops, what comes out as extra perks from shopping in Sephora Online site are the Sephora rewards, deals (last time I got a free Benefit Cosmetics Pouch), and free sample. My favorite sample to date is a SKII Spot Whitening Essence. 
ShopBack works like this. 
So I take pride in being a meticulous and diligent online shopper, well mostly, except for that OLX/LBC hullabaloo. I get good deals on authentic finds from reliable online seller. Plus online retail therapy is doubly exciting when your friendly neighborhood delivery guy finally drops the package. And awww, the unboxing is such a sweet tease.  With ShopBack, online shopping gets even more rewarding. Here, you get a certain amount back when you shop online on your already favorite sites. How nice! Let’s do this! Cheers! ;-D

P.S. ShopBack is having a blogging contest. Do check it out. 

More details here

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