Cheers to New Beginnings

Annyeong, chingu! ^_^

I miss writing about my Korean Drama addiction, my shopping finds, mundane whims,  Chaseyboy’s adventure, and my diet too, and just all sorts of dramatics. How long has it been since my last post?! I have so much to tell you, let me organize my thoughts….hmmm, I love July! So many great things happen in July for yours truly. Last I remember, I went to Lee Min Ho’s My Everything Concert (which I didn’t actually had time to write about. Oh by the way, I saw Lee Min Ho’s up close last time too, please do check out my IG @chicsassymom.)

So anyhow, back to the goodness of this month, I’m moving to another company. Bittersweet. I will miss my office buddies, and the comfort of familiarity, but I look forward to the new adventure. Now, if I diligently find time, I can cover, rave and rant, on other brands. As personal stance, I made sure that as much as possible not to talk about competing brands. That’s my lazy excuse on my MIA. Hah. So please, don’t go away. On a serious note, there has so many dramas, Korean and real life, and just so little time. I will try not to bore you on most, but please indulge me when I do so in the future.

Here are random updates, some you can also find in my IG.

Will miss you.  
So long, beloved company, I will forever treasure the learning and the friendship. 
Happy to serve. LSGH LSPA Parent Representatives for the Grade 6 SY 16-17. Chaseyboy is graduating!!! Time flies. Sharing this because we need partner sponsors for the Family Day.  It will be attended by the Grade 6 boys and their families, about a thousand in attendance. Any takers? ^_^ #AnimoLaSalle
#Selfie #Selca ;-D Yours truly. Oh by the way, I went back to a short hairdo. Love, love, love Shu Uemura lipstick.  

And yes, happy dance, I should be celebrating my 6th Blogoversary and thank you to 1.6 Million page views, let me just crowdsource, and I hope to host a giveaway very soon. Cheers! ^_^

P.S. I’m on a 4-Days off, I’m down on my last 2. I have pending posts from some brands. So sorry, will do my best to marathon writing. 

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