Dewytree Collagen Mask Sheet Review

Annyeong, chinggu! ^_^

So many drama, so little time…so I’ll keep this review short and sweet. Awww…it’s been a while since I did a skincare post. But yes, I’m still, more than ever, a Korean skincare addict fangirl. You should have seen me last time in Seoul, I was almost literally skipping with joy along Myeongdong with so many Korean skincare and beauty care shops to see. Β *TeeheeΒ I couldn’t help it, I had to splurge onΒ Innisfree and Skinfood. Though, I didn’t do a dedicated post about it since I mostly repurchased some of my skincare Must-Haves.

In order to make room for my ever growing collection of beauty care products from Seoul and Japan (see my IG updatesΒ @chicsassymom), I was finally done with my Dewytree Collagen mask sheets, which a friend gifted me last time, and of course, wasn’t able to do a review right away. Oh, busy me!

Here goes…

Dewytree Collagen Energy Treatment Mask

Kyeopta. Such nice packaging. Hmmm, with so many brands to choose along Myeongdong, I don’t remember seeing a Dewytree shop in Seoul though, will ask my friend where she got it. But this stuff is so good.

I love that the mask sheet is drenched with so much essence, plus the mask sheet is thick enough so it can hold enough essence to “transfer” to the skin when put on.

It has a nice honey-ish scent. It’s cooling and refreshing while it’s on, and when I took it off, I love that it feels and looks uber radiant and moisturized less the stickiness.

Masked. After application, I so love the dewy look.Β 

Those, and no breakouts the next day, so this goody is now one of my fave collagen-based masks.

I googled the brand…oh wow, so many more interesting facial mask lines in store for a skincare enthusiast like yours truly. Let’s go get some more. Cheers! ^_^

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