We survived Back to School jitters!

Annyeong!ย ^_^

Oh my, time flies, Chaseyboy is now a 5th Grader. For our fourth school year in LSGH, I sort of mastered the pre-work to execute flawless first day in school. Haha.

My Green Archer.ย 

Look, I did a major production to ready his room for a more inspiring learning space. Okay, it’s really nothing fancy since I just sorted all his toys, and make do with a Lego/Kreo table to a study table. Basic, but often forgotten since he usually goes to the tutor to get school work done before. But not this school year, kiddo! Please use it well. *Teehee

Makeshift Study Space

Green Hills traffic is so back because the Green Archers are back to school.

Three days before class opening, I had to find a school service. Of the four provider servicing our area, only one worked out. Upside, he gets to be picked up last, and to be dropped off first. Downside, he’s going home late. I do pray that he gets productive in the library while waiting for the bus.ย 

There were so many dramas over the couple of weeks, both at home and at work,ย *thinks Murphy’s lawย Aissh! I ended up letting go of our driver few days before the school opening. So for the first time since we went back to Manila and Chasey entered LSGH, he now has to take the school bus, and I have to go back to driving myself.

Anyhow, I’m mighty happy that we don’t have as many dramas as before, both for getting ready for school and getting school work done. As I said, I do hope that I won’t be needing a tutor this time around cause I’m not at all sure how it will fit in his schedule. Hoping for the best.

Oh, for this school year, I made sure to let him bring a cell phone, though he needs to keep it off, and only put it back on during dismissal. It felt that I was calling not stop. Ha. So today, he told me that he would rather prefer that I just send him messages. He needs to make sure to keep the messages coming…he’s out, he’s in the bus, and he’s at home, or else, I’ll keep on calling him. Oh boy!

Hmmm, I’m still nursing real life dramas…oh, life. So I was MIA, and spent my long weekend with headache and back pain. I’m old. Aigoo. Worse, so many Korean dramas, so little time. My, my. But here’s to better school year…Cheers! ^_^

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