Back to School Mates SY 2015-2016

Last two weeks to go, and it’s back to school for my Chaseyboy.  Aww. Ohhh. Time flies.

It has been an annual thing to write about back to school, except for last year, which I missed, because I was too busy. Oh well.  But this year’s back to school shopping soiree is special. We didn’t cram! Learning from our super hectic shopping outing last year, I made sure to get the easy stuff like the stickers, bag tags done ahead of time. Best of all, I didn’t argue with both of my boys (hubby and son) in terms of choices. Ha. This time, I truly tried to take a step back, and just let Chase decide. Oh my, he didn’t even let me in the fitting room to try out his school pants. He’s only 9 years old. My, my, please don’t grow up so fast.

Igloo Playmate Lunchbox, Glasslock Food Storage, Freego Khaki Pants (we usually get them in school too, but he said he didn’t like the fit, so we went to get them in SM Kids’ Section), Jansport Camouflage Backpack, New Case for his Samsung Galaxy Tab, Florsheim Kids, School Supplies from LSGH)
He was choosing between two designs of camouflage prints, the other choice, he liked better because it had more camouflage prints and nice leather trimmings, but this offered the most comfort given great padding of the shoulder straps.  Jansport All Purpose Design Camouflage (T26LZU3) Php 3190, SM Department Store
Igloo Playmate + Glasslock Food Storage. He prefers to bring lunch and snacks since buying in the canteen takes time. Plus he prefers the glass food containers albeit heavier since food stay fresher and cleaner, no after smell.  #OC 
Work shoes just like his dad’s work shoes. Aww. Florsheim Kids for Php 2200, SM Department Store
For gadgets and stuff, Greenhills is the place to be. Thankfully, we were still able to find an original Samsung case for his old Galaxy Tab 10.1. This is his third school year using e-Books. Next year, we can already replace it to an updated unit. Note though, that for the past two years, and will do the same this year, I also maintained physical books at home. Haay. Reading and writing in paper copies still work best.

Overall, great teamwork. I provided options and inspiration, son made awesome choices, and hubby foot the bill. Yay! Cheers! ^_^


  1. @cheekeegirl: Yay, exciting indeed! Good luck! ^_^ @firstwivesclub: Hi Kaye, sorry late reply. Been \”ignoring\” my blog, first grade namin, e-books na din. But we got physical books parin at home.


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