Shoe Shopping

A girl can never have too many shoes and purses, bling, clothes, and “me’ time too.

Found this in a shop in Wisconsin.  Reality bites. Kinda depressing, hence, retail therapy is recommended every so often. *Teehee
It seems my boys can never have too many as well. Part of my spring cleaning is rationalizing the many pairs in our shoe rack. I was probably able to let go of four pairs (my motto: let it go, so I can get more! *Teehee) But my, they couldn’t decide, and it’s probably 75% Nike Shoes (Kobe and Jordans Shoes). So yes, they do love their kicks to bits.

Nike Shoe Shopping in Nike Town in Union Square, San Francisco. Family Affair. 
Just do it. Jordan Legacy Level Store by Shiekh Shoes in San Francisco. 
Whenever, wherever, we always go to a Nike Store. 
They finally convinced me to get a pair. I got my very first Kobe 9 (OOTD post here). Hmmm, so that’s how it feels. Now, I feel like I’m up to the challenge of collecting Nikesss for myself. I like more Kobe, more neon pink and neon green kind. The task will be doubly therapeutic if I do online shopping, don’t you think?  ^_^ For something new, and something blue, see this link for women’s shoes at ZALORA. They have Nike and a whole lot more. Online Retail Therapy, just do it! Cheers! ^_^

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