Review: #Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser®

Sometime ago I treated myself with beautyblender-s and a matching bottle of liquid blendercleanser® to take advantage of the buy $50 less $10 off deal for that day. That was years back, and yes, my beautyblenders are still alive pretty and very much functional. I need them. I take them everywhere.

Here’s a belated review of the liquid blendercleanser®, which I just pleasantly emptied after years.  
BeautyBlender Liquid Blendercleanser. The one I got was still in a old packaging. The latest kind featured in Sephora, comes in a nifty pump dispenser.
It took a while for me to empty it because I was being stingy so I used it to its fullest. I diligently wash my beautyblender everyday, so mostly I use an anti-bacterial soap (Safeguard is it!), then save the blendercleanser for spring cleaning along with my makeup brushes. While the soap does work, I find that there are BB Creams that are more pigmented and tend to be more difficult to remove, then I reach for the ever reliable blendercleanser. 
How to clean Beautyblender + Shu Uemura Lightbulb Sponge:
-Wet your beautyblender® or makeup brushes.
Apply a dime-sized amount of liquid blendercleanser® to soiled areas.
-For hard-to-remove stains on beautyblender and for makeup brushes, pour a small amount of blendercleanser® into a bowl with water and pre-soak.
-Work into lather by gently squeezing, rinse, and repeat if necessary.
-Squeeze to remove excess water.  
All-cleaned up. Spring cleaning makeup brushes (EcoTools, Denman, Body Shop) with liquid blendercleanser®
Before and After. Yay!^_^
Awesome. So yes, the liquid blendercleanser delivers.
The only downside of the cleanser was the packaging. It’s so hard to dispense, because you cannot squeeze it given a solid bottle. If I open the cap, I ended up putting a lot more.  Thank goodness for a new packaging, I’m tempted to repurchase. 
I gifted the pink a la the original beautyblender to my sister, I kept the two plus I got the Shu Uemura sponge from last time.  This was pretty recent, like February this year. Awww, I’m mighty proud how I’m doing such a pretty okay job to keep my makeup blenders intact (you should see my sister’s ;-D). So I reckon that the splurging then was totally worth it. Cheers! ^_^  

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