Seoul Travel Part 6: Street Food Hits

Annyeong! ^_^ Happy Joongi Day!

I’m back with my latest installment of my Seoul travelogue…I can’t wait to be back! I promise  to make it back next time to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Here’s my Seoul Food Diary Part 1 (yes, there’s more ^_^).

When in Namsan Tower, drink coffee. One of many coffee cups from several cafes in Seoul. Cold Stone Cafe Mocha in Namsan Tower. #Hit
Sipping your coffee via straw. To avoid the teeth-staining effects of coffee, best to sip it via a BPA-Free (hope so) Coffee Straw. Sip it while it hot warm, I think this works in Korea winter weather, because the coffee doesn’t stay hot for too long. 
Churros too are everywhere.

Out and about in Myeongdong…

Myeongdong is it! Being relatively a new traveler in Seoul, Myeongdong is the perfect place to be. We stayed in Hotel JHill, where everything is awesome…Innisfree shopping, fashion and food, they’ve got it all for you.

Corn, Barbecue, Chicken Skewers, Hotdogs, name it. 
Sorry for the poor photo quality, but this is definitely a hit. It’s like a dessert pancake. Not sure what’s it’s called, if you do, please let me know. 
Strawberry Mochi. #SuperLoveit
How to make Strawberry Mochi. 
Fish cakes skewers. They come with a broth for free. Yum! 
More fish cake and broth, please, and Jajangmyeon to boot (hoping to try the real deal next time instead of having instant).  Ministop by the Han River. Was hoping to catch Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain Show, but no show yet. Will save it for next time. 

We had Tteokbokki, Twister Potatoes, and a whole lot more. Street food are mostly for snacks. But with several choices, we decided to save a dinner just sampling all the street food. So good.

So sorry, I couldn’t account for all the prices. What we did was to put up a kitty, we pool all our money to pay for our meals, taxi and bus fares.

Please stay tuned for the next part of Seoul Food Diary for real resto meal (Yoogane and more), and the many coffee shops we visited.  Seriously missing Seoul. ;-D

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