Another Hair Coloration Affair Black to #WonderLight Clear

Annyeong, chingu! ^_^

Sometime ago, I posted that I might get a new hair color, and I did just that. Though, I had it after my Seoul trip since I pretty much bundled up for the winter with varying hats to boot.

But I did get a haircut from a Korean salon, Kawisori (will post soon), and I ended up letting go of my ombré hair color. So after the trip, it’s either root touch-up or something new. Since my highlights are still pretty, I decided to just go for a full hair color to match them. I went for Matrix WonderLight Clear.

Before: Natural Black Hair with WonderLight Mocha and Highlights
After: WonderLight Clear
Here’s an outdoor shot

As always, I went to Freshaire in SM Megamall, thanks to my fave hair colorist, the ever supportive Ate Edna. She likes to indulge my every whim on varying hair color shades and style, love her. *Teehee

Chic & Sassy Tips: I get my hair color done quarterly. To prevent further damage, or to prepare it for another hair coloration,  I diligently make sure to shower my hair with tender, loving care. It’s treatment hair mask every other day, and overflowing conditioner.

Yay! Me likey.  So far Matrix WonderLight Permanent Hair Color lines work for me. I might keep it for a while, or not. Might get red hair, or go blonder next? Will see. Cheers! ^_^


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