Fixing a Broken Heart #RetailTherapy

Hello, hello! ^_^

Teehee! ^_^ Found this in a shop in Wisconsin from last time.  

Shopping: The fine art of acquiring things you don’t need with money you don’t have. 

It seems I’m subscribing to the definition, so let the mergers and acquisitions begin…

First time in a while to have no big plans for the Holy Week, and yes, yes, staycations are made of iBooks and Korean dramas, so I got an iPad Air 2 with 128 GB.

Retina Display, bigger memories for downloading Korean Dramas, iPad Air2 is love!!!

I went back to work on Easter Monday with no extended vacation, so I said goodbye to manic Monday by strutting a pair of Nine West a.k.a. my Jandi Shoes. I love Nine West. It’s next to FitFlop (I stopped counting after my 11th pair) in terms of the number of pairs I hoard, and you can never have enough. It’s my go-to shoe brand for pretty and functional.

More Nine West shoes for me…yay! Good shoes take you to good places, let’s get more! #OOTD post soon. 

Oh well, I’m feeling a bit flighty (aisshh, must be all those Japan, sakura, and USA travel posts flooding my timeline… boo FB!) A dose of retail therapy did alleviate it somehow, methinks.  Boo me, but now I’m broke, please fix me! Cheers! ;-D

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