Coke and Wilkins Delivery with Collectible Premiums

Annyeong, happy people! ^_^

Sometime ago (as in last year…oh my, sorry!), I mentioned that you can have Coke and Wilkins delivered to your home and office on a regular basis, yup, super easy peasy plus you get premiums to boot. Yay! The premiums for loyalty subscribers (like yours truly) are super nice. Look!

Hello, Happiness! #FirstDibs #OpenHappiness with these Coca-Cola and Wilkins Promotional Items (Coin Bank, Glass Coaster, ID Reel) for qualified deliveries of Coca Cola Products (Wilkins, Viva Coke, Sprite, Minute Maid)

I wrote a post about Wilkins here and here. For quite sometime now, we’ve been subscribing to Coca-Cola’s Home and Office Delivery.  #LoveYourOwn ^_^

They issue a Loyalty Card, a subscription contract that indicates an agreed regular weekly schedule of coverage/deliveries. For us, it’s every Thursday. Last time, they did a plus 1 promo. This time, it’s those nice collectible goodies.

Safety first with Wilkins. For our family of three plus 2, we consume a weekly average of three 5-Gallon Jars. 
Mission Accomplished. 

Here’s my IG (@chicsassymom) post last time. Have you tried Minute Maid Fresh? We love it! You can tell, right? ^_^

Last time, they did a 10+1 promo, for qualified purchase of Wilkins 5-Gallon product and other products, you get one for free. 

Do check out the home and office delivery prices of Coca-Cola Products including Wilkins in the flyer above.

For your Metro Manila deliveries, Dial Coke HOD Hotline at 813-COKE (2653).

Oh my, hope all is well with everyone! It’s been a while, but I hope to be back. Please don’t go away. Something is amiss (oh life!), I know there’s no time to mope, but I couldn’t help it. Drama. Life goes on, so let’s do this… Aja! Aja! Fighting! ^_^

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