#FangirlModeOn | The Adventures of Korean Drama Fangirl in Seoul Updated

Annyeong, cinggus! ^_^

Three Seoul sisters went to Seoul, first of many more Seoul trips was last February 2015. So did we have our happy ever after?

Spoiler alert! If you think fangirl-ing is the best anti-aging ever, read on. Otherwise, think twice before clicking “Read more”. *Teehee

As a Korean Drama Fangirl, of course we visited memorable tourist spots to relieve our favorite dramas… Namsan Tower for Boys Over Flowers,  and the ever famous, Han River.

Background. We met because of Lee Min Ho. Min Ho-ssi visited Philippines for the first time in 2012, of course, I was there, it was very special. He went back for his My Everything Concert in 2013, we watched it, VVIP. *Teehee I was broken hearted. Ha. So I didn’t write about it. I’m just being overly dramatic, but my cinggu was able to get up close and personal with him, and I wasn’t. So I was sad. Haha. For the third time, he went back in 2014. Of course, to fix my broken heart, I made sure to be there. So it’s three of us together this time. For 2015 Kyochon fun meet, the closest venue to us, we all missed it! Waah! It was just days after we came from Seoul.

More sidestory. Seoul Sister No. 1 is our president in terms of fangirl-ing. She’s unbeatable. Hands down. She is hopelessly devoted to Park Yoochun. Seoul Sister No. 2 is loyal to Lee Min Ho. While yours truly, is hopelessly devoted to Lee Joon Gi (Jun Ki), while my Oppa No. 2 is now Ji Chang Wook, and Oppa No. 3 is Lee Min Ho (type Lee Min Ho in my search box, surprise, surprise), Oppa No. 4 is Lee Jong Suk, I have No. 5 and 6 too. My, my! *Teehee 

Going to Seoul, I had little expectation because Joon Gi oppa is in Europe for a Chinese Movie shoot. As a Korean Drama Fangirl, we do what we can. Ha. Ji Chang Wook’s Healer just ended, so no drama shooting to watch.

Namsan Tower, Korean Fangirl’s must visit drama location

Youk Shim Won’s sells the cutest merchandise. Plus it’s featured in Fated to Love You.

Went to Youk Shim Won’s gallery of Fated to Love You with Jang Hyuk Oppa. So many oppas. *Teehee

We also had dinner in Itaewon. I was giddy, because I remember Jang Gun Seuk’s Itaewon Homicide movie.

Marley Coffee is a coffee shop endorsed by Lee Seung Gi

I don’t have photo back then, but fast forward to Autumn 2016, Kim Jaejoong’s Cafe J Holic in Myeongdong is a regular stop. I bought a Moldir phone case too. Moldir is also by Kim Jaejoong (of JYJ). It’s located in the posh Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Of course, we went to Korean Folk Village. I miss my Joon-Gi oppa!

Fangirl forever of Lee Joon Gi

Oh, we stayed in J-Hill Myeongdong, so the Myeongdong Cathedral is walking distance.

*Thinks You’re Beautiful

It’s time to go back to reality. In the airport. We spotted them. Some girls were following them. They just seemed familiar.

Stalking Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang

So far, so good. It was the first of many more Seoul-ful trips. Type Seoul in my search box. It’s pretty addicting, I kid you not. Cheers! ;-D

P.S. I have yet to meet in person Oppa Lee Joon Gi, Minho-ssi, I’ve seen several times. Also, I went to Ji-Chang Wook oppa’s fan meeting. Oh well, I’m saving the best for last. 

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