Seoul Travel Part 3: #OOTD When in Seoul

Annyeong! ^_^

Daebak! Winter in Seoul…happy dance! Welcome to Dramaland! Bring on the coats, scarves, and boots to boot!

Please, indulge me…here are my #OOTDs. Teehee! ^_^

Taken in Namsan Tower. *Le Sigh *Thinks Boys Over Flowers #LeeMinHo
Day 1: 
Muji Wool Coat
Levi’s Jeans
Fitflop Crush Boots
Taken in Namsangol Hanok Village
Day 2: 
Burberry Bucket Hat
Uniqlo Long Sleeve Heat Tech Turtle Neck
Muji Wool Cardigan
Fitflop Dash Boots
Unearthed from long, long ago ^_^ … Bath & Body Works Cream Bag with Faux Fur trimmings (this will have to do for now, just because my coat doesn’t have furs ;-P)

With my ever reliable Debenhams coat. 
What’s a Korean Drama fangirl trip without a visit to the ever famous Han River, right? Taken in Banpo Bridge by the Han River with the Seoul Tower. 
Taken in Korean Folk Village near Suwon. With Sato, my love…Lee Joon Gi oppa of Arang & Magistrate ;-D 
Day 3:
Uniqlo Long Sleeves and Leggings Heat Tech
Scarf from Samcheongdong-gil
Long Sleeve Knitted Dress from Greenhills
Rainy Day, so I had to reuse my coat Debenhams coat. 
Gap Knitted Leggings Stirrup Pants
Fitflop Crush Boots
Powder Room of Marley Coffee in Itaewon for Day 3 Dinner. Change outfit. Hah. Still raining.  
Taken in Hotel J Hill Meyongdong. I
Love You! I Love You!  ;-D
 Knitted Top from Myeongdong. Guess how much? ^_^
Levi’s Jeans
Fitflop Dash Boots
Myeongdong Cathedral. Last day, last minute shopping…run! 
Day 4:
Muji Wool Black Coat (I wanted to wear this on the third day, but it’s raining. Hah.)
Juicy Couture Bag
Aigoo, 3 coats in total, 2 Fitflop boots. Oh, and this too…
Gap Sweater Slippers
So yes, I concur, I can’t pack light. So instead of happily being contented with 20 kg each, we ended up upgrading our baggage allowance to 30 kg. 
My dear chinggus, I know that skin care shopping in Korea is heaven (and I spent most of my funds here, Innisfree lover much!), but, my, my, I was pleasantly broke surprised that same goes for clothes and shoe shopping. Along the shops and street vendors lining Myeongdong, you can get all your winter outfits and a whole lot more…. 3000 KRW for a scarf, 10000 KRW for a winter top/knitted sweater, as low as 30000 KRW for a pair of winter boots. 
Jeans were never enough to keep me comfortably warm on low temp weather, yes, even California Christmas. So I layer it with a thick support stockings, plus I have leg warmers handy just in case. Also, I just realized that there’s a degree of warming level from the Heat Tech collection of Uniqlo, I saw a Heat Tech plus recently, what I got was years back, and their not really enough to keep me warm, so I had to add another layer. 
For the top, I mostly layer a sleeveless, thermal top, main top (usually knitted, and long sleeve) and my coat. Oh…don’t forget the scarf, and the hat, and the gloves. Dress to kill. There goes my baggage allowance. Hah. 
The weather was relatively cozy, except for that rainy Saturday, and no snow. Haay! It would have been even more fantastic, and dreamy, and magical, and romantic, if there were some snow falls…Korean dramagods, please make my day the next time around, okay? Cheers! ^_^
To be continued…


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