Seoul Travel Part 1: LTE Roaming When in Seoul

Annyeong! ^_^ Hello, March! 

I left my heart in Seoul. 

Seoul Tower. February 2015
Hello, Seoul! Oh my, I had the greatest time! I can’t wait to be back. 
We took the Air Asia flight from Manila to Incheon. It was a pleasantly uneventful flight. Thank you, Lord! Touchdown Incheon.
Anyhow, I don’t know where to start…I didn’t post as much in my IG (@chicsassymom), but my personal FB account has a whopping of 150+ photos. Hmmm…just daebak! Love, love, love it! 
Let’s cover the easy but very important parts when traveling in South Korea…airport to city travel, and getting a roaming (LTE/4G) access all day long. 

Thank goodness to our chinggu, our very high profile photographer/tour guide, it was a relatively easy peasy getting around the airport, there, and almost everywhere in Seoul.

To buy the Airport Limousine Bus Ticket, go to the ticket counter, which is located between Gates 8 and 9. 
To go to Meyongdong, get Bus No. 6015. Rate per person is 10,000 KRW. 
For our LTE Roaming Access, my friend recommends getting the LGU+ by LG Telecom. It’s farther along to counter no. 28. We opted to have one mobile router each. We love our bandwidth. Haha. 

LGU+ LTE Roaming Access Mobile Router Rental when in Soul. 
The gadget connects to 4G, supper fast, reliable, and no dead spot at all. Korean drama streaming all we like. Yay!  It comes with a charger, plus a very important reminder that it only lasts 5 hours. So having a power bank is a must. 
Having data access in Seoul is a very helpful. It’s really more than just out of the whim of having social media access, it serves as our source of communication among us three agassi when going around in Myeongdong. Plus, for our taxi, we do Line translation, and had to show landmarks, Google direction online. And yes, Viber access to my boys (son and hubby) was a given. 
Upon release of the gadgets to us, passport was required and Credit Card validation. But actual payment will be done at the last day. We surrendered the device in the LGU+ LTE Counter in the departure hall of the airport. There’s free wifi access in the airport anyhow, so no need to hold on to it. So inclusive of tax,  price of LTE Mobile Router is 8800 KRW per day. 
All set for our Seoul adventure. We’re staying in J Hill Hotel right in the center of Myeongdong, our stop is via Ibis Hotel. 
Healer-ya! Chang Wook oppa welcomes bus riders. Ji Chang Wook in the magazine cover of BNT International. 
When in Seoul, ride the taxi bus. Jung Yong-Hwa in background. #Love #FeelingSeoulite #OOTD #Muji #FitflopBoots
Annyeong, Seoul! Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Figthing! Cheers! ^_^
To be continued…

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