It’s Monday, Love! #Positivity

Oh, dear! Thank you for today!

I was coming back to work after a major drama glitch in regular programming…son was sent to the ER. Not again!!! Hah. It was last Wednesday, I’m really beginning to hate Wednesdays, but not for long. (Aisshh…I’m saying it out loud to break the very bad trend. Please pray for me. I hope to write about happy Wednesdays only.) Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting!

Anyhow, my day started out being cranky, I was cranky. I started to feel all negative, hah. So when I arrived at the office, I said a very long prayer. Then I worked on my very long to-do list.

Awww…it turned out to be such a great day, very productive. It wasn’t as taxing as it should have. I ended up doing so much. I had a pleasant meeting with my boss. A nice chat with my colleague over lunch break. Thank you for today! Cheers! ^_^

P.S. It’s Healer KDrama time! ^_^


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