De-stressing with Oryspa #SniffBalm #Favorite

Oh Monday! Mondays, you just gotta love them, right!

To ensure that the positive vibes thrive throughout the week, in short #bawalmastress, no-to-stress, have these nifty Oryspa Mint Balms handy. So here’s goes another belated raving on more of my favorite Oryspa goodies.

Lucky me. My Oryspa Sale loot from last time. Rice Bran Sniff Balm, Meditation Balm, Curry Balm, Orypa Recovery Oil Moringa and Eucalyptus, Goatsmilk & Oatmeal Soap, and Hand Sanitizer Freebie. 

While the  Meditation Balm, hands down is my must-have balm with its relaxing minty scent plus the minty feeling. Apparently, the Curry Balm also features the same nice benefits…the more, the merrier!

Oryspa Sniff Balma and Curry Balm. Love these.

As for the Orypa Sniff Balm, I mentioned that the small tub seems to have a different scent than the big Sniff Balm tub, I like the scent of the smaller tub better. At the onset, it smells toothpaste, the nice, lingering, minty kind, but there’s more, the magic works after putting a pea size of it in your palms, and rubbing your palms briskly together to release the super mentholated aroma, and then you sniff on it…that super minty, refreshing, so relaxing scent…winner! Unlike the Med Balm and Curry Balm, where topical application produces immediate cooling feel, not so much with the Sniff Balm, but you can still use it topically for pains, insect bites etc. The Sniff Balms has reinforced benefits of aromatherapy for pain and stress relief. Don’t forget, its best to do the magic trick, haha, vs. sniffing it from the tub. #MustTry #MustHave

Oryspa Meditaion Balms, the Chili Oil is a winner too, especially for those intense pain relief needs, minus the strong herbal scent. Oryspa features spa-ish scent, so okay to apply whenever, wherever. So for spa-ish experience at home or on the go, (But still, I miss going to the real spa! Waaah!) have these nifty Oryspa Metholated Balms with you. Relax.

Hope you’re loving this Monday. Mine is so, so, I’m only human…oh well, but later is Healer Korean drama time, so I’m feeling positive. Sniff away. Cheers! ^_^


  1. I love relaxing Balms… I love sniffing the aromatic smell until there is nonthing left… I use it more often during cold seasons it relaxes my muscles at night and i get to sleep better.. But I think I am developing an addiction to sniffing it always though… 😉


  2. where can i buy this balms? honestly mahilig po ako sa mga mint balms. hindi ako makatulog kapag hindi ako nakakapagpahid ng ganyan hehe pamparelax po. I want to try this one po 🙂


  3. Wow! Interesting. I should have read this last week when I was sick. Could've benefitted from these. But, it's never too late. Where are these available for sale?


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