Can’t get enough of Healer #Fangirl #FaveKoreanDrama

Annyeonghaseyo! It’s good to be back.

Thank goodness for Healer-ya, I’m okay, and actually looking forward to Mondays. Haha.

So very quickly, allow me to de-stress by fangirl-ing.

Seriously, when a drama treats you with these beautiful scenes episode by episode with a good story, lovable OTP and with Ji Chang Wook to boot, what’s not to love?! Healer is the best drama evaahhrr! (Spoiler alert.)

Healer is now at Episode 12. Waiting. 4 more weeks to go, and I’ll be home (Seoul. Hah) soon! Just like how Empress Ki (also with Ji Chang Wook) accompanied me in my countdown to our grand vacation last time, Healer is keeping me sane company. Perfect timing as always, Healer-ya.

Must watch now, if you haven’t yet. Promise. You will not get enough. And to fuel your fangirl-ing needs, head over to Soompi Healer Forum or Dramabeans. Episode 10 in Dramabeans already has a whopping of 3600++ comments to know just how crazy addicting this drama is. Yes, credit also to Park Min Young, so you get a good OTP. Lucky, lucky girl.

Chinggus, I will not cover much of Healer, my love for it is without words. I might be incoherent with my deep liking for the drama. Ji Chang Wook is IT and hot! While Lee Joon Gi remains to be my first crush, Ji Chang Wook is taking over Lee Min Ho’s No. 2 Spot. Oh my! That’s is such a strong statement. But truly, he can act, and he’s adorable!  *Oh my, I need to tone down my fangirl-ing a bit, I don’t want to get into trouble with my hubby. Am I wrong to compare my fangirl-ing with his idolizing Kobe Bryant? Ha? I’m sure in his bucket list is to watch a Lakers Game, and it’s very expensive!!! Plus all those Nike Kobe Shoes. Hah. He like sports, I like drama. Please tell me, it’s the same right? Peace!

Sidestory. My, my… apparently, there’s a grand plan that’s unfolding for 2015, we found ourselves out of an ate. That’s a major problem! She too had a family medical emergency and had to leave, pronto.

I’m coping. I have no choice! Son complements my excellent cooking skills (adobo flakes did the trick! ;-D), while my husband is amazed by my superb cleaning skills minus doing laundry…yet. Haha. Hello! I’m at my wits’ end! I’m only human. I need my Korean drama time too. Teehee! But fret not, I can do this (for one more week, and that’s it for me. Hah) Aja! Aja! Fighting! ^_^

Done with Episode 12, Healer Live Streaming here. Is it Monday yet?

Photo Credits: Dramabeans Recap 

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