Wrapping up the Holiday Festivities #Hello2015

Annyeonghaseyo! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Time!

Praise God for a safe flight back to Manila. In fairness, we’re ahead of our our schedule…that’s a good way to kick off the year. Since we can’t travel light, we used up our 75 kg baggage allowance. We got 10kg each included in the Mabuhay Miles flight awards, and we added 15kg each for just Php 200 per person. Super saver!

Manila, we’re coming home! Manila-Iloilo-Manila trip via Philippine Airlines. Thank goodness, we flew PAL!ย 

2014 started out super exciting with ourย tour USA, and more. As for my day job, work was a mix of challenges and learning. So far, so good. But things went awry last semester of 2014, we got so many medical hullabaloo and more mommy woes. I earned a platinum membership in The Medical City, shocking! So yes, we are shooing away bad and unhealthy vibes, (although to appease my worrywart self, I sent my son to a last hurrah of CBC and a follow-up check up to his pediatrician to make sure everything is fine, just viral infection). I pray for a better 2015.

With a grateful heart, I celebrated my birthday…my son’s smile below, priceless! I’m looking forward to better possibilities. I might not have a New Year’s Resolution literally listed down, but in fairness, one check on my list is to make dietingย healthy eating a way of life. Aja! Aja! ^_^

Live. Love. Laugh…More birthdays to come. ;-D

How was your first day back to work? (I told myself that I’m too old to not-like Mondays. Repeat. Oh, truly, I love Mondays, thanks to Healer, my new fave Korean Drama. I love Mondays. Repeat. Hah.;-P)

Mine was okay. I love that everyone in the office is still feeling festive…so yes, it’s all about positivity for 2015. Bring on the good vibes, chinggus!

I don’t want to be greedy, but I want to be bold in my faith, in my prayers, in my relationships, in my work, in fulfilling my roles and responsibilities, in my fangirling (that too! Haha) and more. I want everything to be more than okay. I’m committed to actively make great things happen. I’m grateful that there are things that I can do well, perhaps some average, some better. It’s such a relief. ย So that sums up my New Year’s Resolution.

By the grace of God, let’s have a spectacular 2015. Cheers! ^_^


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