Might get a new Hair Color soon #WonderlightMocha #ChunkyHighlights

Happy New Year, wonderful people!

No time to waste, here’s a post before I went on to another hair coloration spree come February. (I’m so excited for Feb. And usually, I like to match my mood with a change in hair color.)

#Hairdo #Hairbraid #ChunkyHighlights Taken outdoor with flash. 

Because I was terribly busy a while back, my last post about hair color was for my apricot-y ombre. But after that, for 2014, I went for a couple more trips, getting brighter every time. See my Instagram (@chicsassymom). I always go to Freshaire in SM Megamall…because my go-to hairstylist supports my whims on being adventurous. I love her. Plus the price is reasonable, especially if I come back in time to get my roots done.

Apparently, I’m not that too adventurous just yet. While my tips will always have a more prominent hair shade from the ombre, the rest will have a subtle base color, and then I go for highlights. Wonder Light surprisingly works well for me without the need to lighten.

Roots touch ups with WonderLight Mocha. For my highlights, for brighter shades, they had to use bleach. My hairstylist calls it Barrio Blonde shade. Recent photo taken indoor. 

I think next time, I’ll get more highlights. It’s the only way to match my tips from the ombre. Otherwise they need to do a full lightening to get colors to even out. I’m not too sure if I’m brave enough. I don’t want to resort to donning a short hair just yet.

Anyhow, I’m keeping my hair long for now, depending on my mood, a Tangled-kind of hair will have to be saved for later. Haha. I love the convenience of just having to keep in a bun, whenever I feel uninspired or what. Oh well.

Oh well, it’s not Day 1 of Year 2015, I mostly slept yesterday…better late than never. I have more exciting 2014 happenings to share…and for 2015, I’m claiming it, so cheers to more fabulous blog posts to come. Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ^_^


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