Good Morning, Iloilo! #Christmas2014

December 24…yahooo! Thank you, Dear Lord!

We’re mighty happy to be spending Christmas in Iloilo, it has been a while since last time. I love the food, and access to my now-only fave food, chicken and seafood, is bountiful. Yum! I hope not to carbo-overload though, hehe, given the many carbohydrates awesome bread choices (Angelina, Rgies). Vacation mode, let’s do this! ;-D

It’s been truly an exciting year…when I truly reflect on it, getting a normal CBC test count results of my son a few days back, makes me the happiest. I thank God for my doctor friends, who manage my worrywart-ness. Indeed, health is wealth, and family is love. #GratefulHeart ^_*

Happy Birthday, Jesus! 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas time. Sweet Blessings! Cheers! ;-D

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