Shoes, Yoga, Rain etc.

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^  Oh Hello, hello!

Oh well, here’s a quick roundup of my Instagram (@chicsassymom) posts.

Urban Ashram Brixton. I’m trying to attend FNR (Flexibility Not Required) classes.Ay yai yai! Let’s do this!
 I finally made it to Silantro in Kapitolyo, Pasig. I’m in love with the nachos and burrito! I can’t wait to go back!
1. #CMGSale A girl can never have too many shoes! OOTD soon! ;-D
2. Beauty Empties: Pantene Aqua Light Conditioner (bought it in Walmart), Wen By Chaz Dean Six Thirteen Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment Lemon Rosemary Vanilla Bean, OGX Moroccan Argan Creme Conditioner (from Target), Bath & Body Works Sleep Night Time Tea Body Wash and Foam Bath (got this in a BBW store on our way to Las Vegas, on Sale, but couldn’t find it in other stores though, must be discontinued, too bad about that!), The Cream Factory Scrub.
3. Marks & Spencer Strawberry & Almond Crunch Cereal and Kirkland Organic Soymilk Vanilla

I did mention some misadventures last time, believe me, more came! But, we survived! Thank you, Lord!

Life, oh life, oh life!

I don’t know if I mentioned that for the past months and so, I’m doing marketing functions at work, relatively new to me, since I’ve been with sales for as long as I can remember. Although, I relish the new experience, so much more to learn…I like to refer to it as my sharpening-the-saw moment. Except that at the end of the day, my creative prowess is exhausted! I can’t wait to watch Korean dramas!

But still, after work, for a supermom, tutoring duties call and a whole lot more. Thankfully, last week, we had a break through, I found a new tutor for Chase. (I will talk more about it, with accompanying picture to boot.)

Having a tutor means so much to us. It saves our mom-son relationship from possible deterioration and flying/breaking objects. Hah. So this means, after work,  for some “me time”, I can actually do a) yoga! (Hmmm…let’s talk more about it next time. ) That, or b) read a book (#Four #TheoJames is love, isn’t he?) or b) massage or c) watch Korean Drama or d) blog.

 Choice C. Korean Drama is the runaway winner. Of course…Rain is back! #MyLovelyGirl #JungJiHoon My #Bi with Krystal Jung

I wish I can blog as often. I miss blogging. I miss doing #FOTD posts. I miss sharing my son’s adventures. I miss my shopping posts. I’m even missing out on this (September 2014) S&R’s Members’ Treat sale!  Otoke?! So many dramas, so little time!

But still, I have upcoming giveaway in store for you, so please don’t go away! I am grateful for everyone, for the brands and PR companies for the support, for the media invites, for the press kits sent my way (I usually can’t attend events happening on a weekday,  then on weekends, I save them for family and “me” time.) Soon, I hope to channel some of my superpowers on blogging! I hope not to disappoint! Aja! Aja! Fighting! Cheers! ;-D

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