Updates and More Adventures

Annyeong! ^_^ Oh well, this is a late post. This was supposedly posted last Sunday. But several misadventures after, no me time equals no time to blog. Opening lines would have been… “I’m nursing a black eye!” But fret not, everything is okay now! (*Sings to the tune of the OST of my precious Korean drama, It’s Okay, That’s Love!) 

First off, highlights from my Instagram.

Featured photos: 1) Selfie love. I still owe you a post regarding my Bare Minerals haul, but fave brand to date for my easy peasy office makeup are Bare Minerals, Ecotools Makeup Brushes (uber soft plus non shedding), Shu Uemura (eyelash curler), and Innisfree. I usually do a FOTD a la selfie/selca after a visit to The Brow Studio2) Marks and Spencer Haul. Love everything. Hello, calories! 3) Of course, Innisfree.
4) Spam Tocino. #MustTry
5) Satisfying my #CafeMaryGrace cravings.
6) Cheese platter from my visit at the booth of ScanAsia in the Food and Drinks Asia 2014.
(Line 1, L to R: )
My newest baby love, The Coffee and Bean Tea Leaf Retail Beverage Lines, Ready Coffee, Tea Leaf Selections, Iced Sparkling Tea, not in photo are the Canned Coffee. #MustBuy #MustTry when #TasteMatters! Available in leading supermarkets.
I’m back to 1200 Calorie Diet. Now on Planeat Program again. #WishmeLuck
(Line 2, L to R:)
Cheese and a whole lot more from the Food and Drinks Asia 2014. #WorkandPlay
Trying out Chia Squeeze, sample from the Hong Kong Food Expo
Done Reading Gone Girl. Interesting. Movie coming out soon.
Korean Feast from Jang Ga Nae.
(Line 3, L to R:)
M&S Haul. Seriously good stuff especially when the price is so right! #SaleFinds
Japanese Sakura Jams from HK Food Expo.
More salads from Mary Grace Cafe.
I am addicted to Theo James Four! Alright, and to everything Veronica Roth authored (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant). And yes, love the heroine too, Tris Prior. #MustRead #MustWatch #Dauntless

Oh my! Information overload. Flatter me, please, find me on Instagram @chicsassymom ! ;-D

Now, on to more heartwarming moments, without accompanying photos.

Last Sunday was another inspiring day. Our new Ate went on a day-off (last time she did, she got her hair rebonded! Pretty. Love her to pieces. She’s instrumental to my extra, unwanted pounds! Hah.) So it meant I had to do breakfast, lunch, and everything in between. Breakfast was spaghetti and butter(ed) toast. And cheese platter from my haul in the Food & Drinks Expo (see my Instagram). Lunch was fried rice made by Chase (my adorable eight-year old son), and I did a spin-off, Bibimbap. Yum. My son was the sweetest, although he did cause me my black eye by accident. It hurt, I cried! He was so sad, so he went out of his way to help, he earnestly volunteered to cook the fried rice a la Akira’s or Benihana’s. This was his second attempt, last time we had a falling out because I didn’t let him put so much soy sauce, so he boycotted my version of fried rice. This time, I gave him full ownership, head Chef he was for that day. As expected, he overdid the soy sauce. It was salty. He acknowledged it and I had to fix it, hence for the Bibimbap. Anyhow, he felt so bad about it. To make up, he volunteered to wash the dishes. I did most, but I did let him wash the glasses. Tadaaa! He broke one! Strike three for him. Nonetheless, I always think that a glass breaking is better than something else. He mentioned he was unlucky, but I assured him that everything will be okay, (since it usually comes in three’s), and we already had our fill of adventures for the day. As always, we kiss and hug, and all is well!

The story of my life, love and mommyhood, that’s all for today! Cheers! ^_^

P.S. I have giveaways coming soon. I’m already behind requested timeline. Please stay tuned. 

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