Oryspa Beauty Oil Review #MustHave

Oryspa is love. I’m an avid fan and patron of this local brand. #ProudlyPinoy

Oryspa patronage is totally rewarding, I buy the products that I like, enjoy their benefits, and enjoy freebies (discounts or free products) to boot. Some of its products, I already couldn’t live without, and the list just keeps getting longer. Included now in my list of must-haves is the Rice Bran Beauty Oil.

Oryspa Rice Bran Beauty Oil is a multi-functional face/body/hair oil that works as a makeup remover, skin lightening and as a beauty oil with reinforced anti-aging benefits. Oryspa Beauty Oil sells for Php 185/60 ml bottle.
So many good stuff in Oryspa Rice Bran Oil.  #Love #MustHave 
Oryspa Rice Bran Beauty Oil contains combination of oryzanol rich rice brand oil that helps even out skin tone and lightens dark spots even dark under eye circles and discolarion on underarms. It contains Vitamin E rich grapeseed  that moisturizes face and body, smoothens and lightens, minimizes strechmarks. It contains evening primrose oil that is best for sensitive problematic skin. It even adds shine to dull hair to give fresher and healthier look. 

Since I already have a dedicated skincare regimen in place, meantime, I use the beauty oil as a makeup remover. It’s my go-to waterproof eye makeup remover. It cleanses gently, without the cloudiness. Plus, I actually feel and see that it also nourishes my eye lashes, keeps them falling out and it hastens regrowth for thicker and fuller lashes.

Take a look at how it works effortlessly in removing eye makeup.

Oryspa Beauty Oil gently removes mascara, eyeliner and heavy eyeshadows too. 

Side story on my funky eye makeup. Yesterday was my company’s 50th anniversary #RMK50, I was one of the performers, we did a 90’s dance medley (oh yes, Macarena, Shalala, Barbie Girl, Can’t Touch This, Mambo No. 5 and more). We had a matching hair and makeup. I will try to do a post on it too, it’s so much fun!

Back to Orypa Beauty Oil, for removing eye mascara and eyeliner, I use a cotton swab. It works like a wand and it’s more targeted, plus it’s more economical. What I do is I dispense a little oil on my palm and dab the swabs.

At times, I use it also to remove bb creams, foundations and what have you, cleanses squeaky clean and no break outs.

Although I have yet to see how it will fare on the minimizing-the-stretchmarks-part, because with so much (countless, as in mass nouns) stretchmarks to remove (so bad! so sad!), I will need a whole lot more of it. A litre-pack, perhaps! Aissh!

Fall in love with Oryspa, drop by one of its mall kiosks and make sure not to miss sniffing the Meditation balm and the latest SNIFF Balm (go for the small tub, because the scent differs from the big tub). For spa-ish scent and experience at home, check out their massage oils too. Let’s fangirl over Oryspa. Cheers! ^_^

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  1. I will check out this one. Thanks for sharing your review on their beauty oil. I've tried an Oryspa product before… I think it's their body powder or something like that and my mom loved it. :)xoxo,Gelleesh.com


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