Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Chicago Castle

#TGIF Here’s another belated post from our Chicago trip.

Side story. A colleague asked me last time what’s my favorite restaurant in Manila. I paused. I realized, oh my, this is like being asked how do I like my eggs. For a time, back then, I was not resolute. Since I’m so easy to please and I have a hearty appetite, I just make do with whatever is available or convenient (except for sunny side up, which I don’t really like). Overtime, I made sure to be able to answer that with full conviction, so now, I like ham and cheese omelet. Or just well done (fried). Another slam book question, which also for a time took me a while to answer…what’s my favorite movie? I like Blue Crush (not just because it’s the first movie I watched by myself since I was waiting for my bf’s flight to arrive but also it’s really sweet, heartwarming, and Kate Bosworth is really pretty). Anyhow about the restaurant, I realized, I’m not sure. Does a buffet counts? I know for sure it’s Spiral Manila. Hmmm, for a restaurant? Could it be Pho Hoa? Or Jang Ga Nae? It need not be expensive. I’m still undecided.

I went home and over dinner I asked my boys, Chase said he likes Medieval Times the most. I told him just in the Philippines, he told me right away, it’s Akira. My husband likes TGIFriday’s. Wow, I like to think it again that I’m just so easy to please, instead of being fickle or indecisive. Hah. So now, I’m on a quest to find my favorite restaurant in the metro. I will let you know.

Back to Medieval Times. A friend surprised us to a dinner in Medieval Times in Chicago. My goodness, I will not spoil the fun, so I will keep myself from revealing so much photos. We had the grandest time!

We were seated at the first-row, center section, so we really had the nicest view. The Royal Dinner was fun and sumptuous (Baby Dragons etc.). ^_* Indeed, the Knights’ Tournament as the main spectacle for visit was truly an affair to remember. Promise. *Thinks A Knight’s Tale Aye! It’s entertainment at its finest. Since I love costumes and themed events, I’m captivated. Can we go to London yet to visit the Queen? It pays to be a cheerleader, fan girl, and a Kapampangan at heart, I made sure to cheer the loudest. I even got a flower  (pink carnation) from the knight, haha. Anyhow, our Knight won! So it made it even more exciting for all of us.

We had the grandest time. Thank you.

To be continued…

For rates and more details, please check out Medieval Times Chicago Castle Official Site

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