Korean Drama Time: Lee Joon Gi, My Joseon Gunman

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Is it June 25 yet? Lee Joon Gi is coming to town, I wish! KBS World. *HappyDance 

The pre-show campaigns are in full swing. I’m in…all in! Look!

Joseon Gunman or Gunman in Joseon in KBS Drama Synopsis: In the time of enlightenment, a battle between a sword and a gun has started.  Based in the time of enlightenment of 17th-century Joseon, “Gunman in Joseon” tells the story of Joseon’s last swordsman named Park Yoon Kang, who grabs a gun ditching his sword, and grows to become the era’s hero.
Lee Joon Gi with Nam Sang Mi Credit: Source
Credit: Official Lee Joon Gi @JGShock Twitter Post
Awww. Pretty Boy, Flower Boy, plus a whole lot more…he acts superbly, sings, and dances so well too (believe it, search for Lee Joon Gi does Gangnam Style). He’s such a versatile actor, he does rom com, drama, and action flawlessly from one character to another. 
Thanks to him, I still have a major second lead syndrome in My Girl. I love him in Iljimae. As Satto in Arang and the Magistrate, my goodness… *Swoon He can be the sweetest dad too in Two Weeks. 
Joseon Gunman serves as a reunion drama with the OTP of Time Between Dog and Wolf. Although I’m not really a big fan of the pairing, but the story is very, very interesting, and with Lee Joon Gi’s another stellar performance, I’m hooked! As a romantic, the OTP’s great chemistry draws me in. I hope this will not disappoint. 
As a bonus, Lee Joon Gi does spectacular fan service. I’m a happy fangirl. He’s in Twitter, and Weibo. He does so personally, methinks. Super A for efforts!!

Watch the teaser. Let’s go for 100K views. Game!

You can tell that I’m hopelessly devoted to Lee Joon Gi, can’t you? I need to make it to his fan meeting, very soon! Aha! I just found another inspiration to stay employed. Cheers! ^_^

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