Hong Kong Adventure Part 1

Ni Hao! ^_^ Oh Hello Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Harbour View via Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. 

#LatePost (again!) Our last trip to HK prior to this was years back. We were all so looking forward to this trip. It’s my son’s first. But since we just got back from our US vacation, no more vacation leaves for me (oh my!!!), it meant we only had weekend to spend in HK. So we took the Friday last flight out last via Philippine Airlines. Thinking it will just be a very short trip, we were surprised. The weather outside was frightful, it was a very turbulent flight. We were delayed.

We made it to HK. It’s already midnight. The immigration was quite something. It took hours.

We’re out, finally. We had to take the cab to our hotel because hotel service at that hour was too much. We’re booked in Novotel (belongs to Accor Group, same as Sofitel Manila), Nathan Road. I thought it will be very easy. I was wrong, then again.

We had to queue, some more. Surprise, surprise to me, the uncle cab driver didn’t know the hotel. I assumed all the cab drivers by the airport would know. Moving, he gave me a map. It’s not updated. I couldn’t find Sofitel. Although, I found Nathan Road. I’m familiar with Nathan Road because I remember walking from it to all over HK last time. I told him to stop the car, while looking for it. He stopped but then went on to drive without really telling us if he knows it or not.

Chic & Sassy Tip: Have a copy of the address with corresponding local language. I checked it briefly online prior to our trip, I thought it will be as well known as Sofitel Manila. It wasn’t.

We arrived at Nathan Road. I told him to stop to just any hotel. It’s 2 am. I asked the hotel receptionist for the address. They had to circle the address in the map. I showed it to Uncle Cab Driver.

We made it. Novotel is along Nathan Road, but the entrance is via Saigon Street. It’s a couple of streets from Jordan. No traffic, we paid about 230 HKD.

In the corner is the biggest SASA. 

It’s 3 am, we’re checked in, finally. We had few hours to go before we leave for the official business. Call time, 630 am. Good luck!

Breakfast and Lunch were at The Square. Lunch for Day 1was good, it’s reasonably priced. Breakfast was okay. I was thinking of  Spiral of Sofitel…but Spiral is Spiral, nothing comes close to it. For us, it’s still the best hotel buffet.

Day 1 in Hong Kong #WorkandPlay

I mentioned before that we’re very much involved in my son’s school Parents’ Association. The visit to La Salle Primary School was meant to benchmark. They have a very established PTA, with several dedicated parents actively supporting the endeavours. We’re inspired!

Never Shall We Fail. Animo La Salle. 

After work, it’s tour time. It’s a rainy trip (a very long walk) to Mongkok.

#Selfie #Selca #OOTD

My goodness, shoe stores everywhere. We went to most. I had no choice.

My Nike Boys. All we did in California was go to Nike stores, here too. For the love of Jordan and Kobe.  
Thank goodness for Innisfree in Mongkok, Hong Kong. I found the energy to walk some more love!
Fan Girl Forever. Lee Min Ho, Saranghae! ^_^

I found two Innisfree stores on the way. I was supposed to buy, but instead  I didn’t because I was a bit disappointed. First was on the Jejubija Anti-Trouble Value Set, they had to substitute the miniature to another variant, I was okay with it. But when I was about to pay, the pricing on the tag was off by 100 Hong Kong Dollar. Considering, I just asked a friend to get me goodies in Innisfree Korea, I was just buying out on a whim. Sorry, will not buy for now. But still, I was tempted when I saw the second store (Hah!), but they don’t have the value kit in Mong Kok branch. #NotMeantToBe

OOTD: Old Navy, Bench Jeans, Fitflop Dash boots. I was using my M&S scarf for my hair tie.
Nike, Mossimo for Chase.

Before the long walk back to the hotel, we ate.

This must be popular. More queueing required. 
Meats on sticks. Fish balls, etc. *Thinks Potdog in Manila But a bit pricey, ranges from 6-12 HKD. Eggette is an egg custard waffle. 

After the very long walk back, we’re home. (I’m mighty proud of my son for not complaining at all. Good job, Chasey Boy! ^_^) We’re hoping to see the Symphony of Lights by the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. We plan to rest a bit and to do more sight seeing, but my, Team Doligosa was tired. We slept, and that’s Hong Kong Day 1 for us. Cheers! #Grateful

Day 2 in Tsim Sha Tsui and Canton Road post here.

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