Angel Eyes Korean Drama Time

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Oh wow! It’s been a while since I did a #KDrama post, last Korean Drama post was months ago.  But yes, long live the brilliant creators and cast of Korean Dramas! I’m sane surviving de-stressed!

If you’re a fan (or basher) of Geum Jan Di, you will be happy to know that Gu Hye Sun is so back. Finally. Pretty hairdo. Good acting. One of the best chemistry of the OTP. Beautiful soundtrack to boot. Angel Eyes, count me in!

OTP of Angel Eyes played by Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon. Nam Ji Hyeon (Young Soo-wan) and Kang Ha-Neul (of Heirs as Young Dong Joo)
The younger cast paved the way for a truly beautiful beginning. The adult cast can only step up. Truthfully, I haven’t seen Lee Sang Yoon in any drama yet, but now, I’m a fan. Last drama I saw Gu Hye Sun (not counting the re-runs of Boys Over Flowers) was from The Musical. It’s fine, but not on top of my to re-watch list. Her recent, Take Care of Us, Captain, I did not watch.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see her back in Angel Eyes. My curiosity was piqued because it was supposed to have Lee Joon-Gi, but instead the role went to Lee Sang Yoon. I’m glad to meet Lee Sang Yoon. 
Beautiful. Love, love, love.
The love story premise of the drama comes with a complicated back sob story, but still with a lot of heart, giddy moments with the beautifully cast OTP. And a very solid supporting cast, and watcheable side stories, I just watched Episode 15 (5 more to go as it’s slated for a 20 Episode Drama). I’m hoping for a happy ending. I wish I can do recaps, since Angel Eyes (and Hotel King) is a delight to watch every week. Personally, this is Gu Hye Sun at her best. She shines in this role. Thank goodness dramaland for finally giving her a nice hair do to don. And Lee Sang Yoon, my goodness, (where have you been all my life?),  I’m truly, madly, deeply a big fan. I need to see you in a rom com (and I want dimples too!) 
Angel Eyes Korean Drama Cast. 
It’s a romantic melodrama. I’m glued. Angel Eyes is about Yoon Soo-wan (Nam Ji Hyeon/Gu Hye Su) losing and gaining her sight. The back story of her blindness and corneal transplant links her to Park Dong-Joo (Kim Ha-Neul/Lee Sang Yoon). I’m leaving you with a music video of the beautiful, addictive soundtrack (yes it’s in English, no need for subtitles and romanization! Happy Dance!) of Angel Eyes. Run to You by Lasse Lindh♬I’m run, run, running to you♫ *LSS


This fangirl finds inspiration in almost everything Seoul-ful. Rest assured that I’m still hopelessly devoted to the K-dramaland. Dramas complete me. Hah. In fact, I’m levelling up…Hello Skycable Korean Pack 2! Yay! I’ll keep this post short and sweet, since we’re once again pleasantly tired for another exciting weekend, work & play at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas (will try to post soon).

Are you watching it? Any recommendations on what dramas to watch with Lee Sang Yoon? Is he as good as he’s playing Park Dong-Joo?  Cheers! ^_^ #Soju

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