FOTD, OOTD and More #TourUSA2014 {Preview & Mentions}

Beautiful Sunday. We feel rested. Son is feeling better. Thank you for today!

Since I’m a bit refreshed, so Hon, where is our next fligh? Here’s a happy post. FitFlop™ and makeup!

I think I mentioned before that I love collecting makeup, but thanks to my Korean Drama leads, oh yes the Candy’s, I see that I don’t really need much makeup (lipstick + eyeliner, it seemed you’re all set, oh! plus flawless skin). So I guess, I’m pretty much covered with what I brought for my skin care and cosmetics to keep me selfie/selca-ready. *Lol My skin care go-to products are mostly Korean/Asian brands (Saranghaeyo Lee Min Ho Innisfree!),  although I’m more adventurous with my makeup brands. Since I’m mostly in the land of Sephora’s and Target’s than Innisfree’s, so it’s very, very, hard to resist! Look at my travel must-haves.

EcoTools Brushes, Shu Uemura Lash Curler,  Benefit Cosmetics, note that I’m all out of Posietint, I need to shop soon.  Maybelline Hypersharp Liner is love. Since, I cannot cover an individual product review, I’m making do with mentions. 
I mentioned about my first ever Laura Mercier shopping here. The makeup in the collection allows me to get a natural, glowing look. With the colder weather in Chicago, I needed Laura Mercier Foundation Primer for extra moisture plus to keep my makeup together a.k.a flawless skin. The eyeshadow palette provides a natural, clean, and radiant eye makeup. I ran out of sunscreen and Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation from my shopping spree here, so it’s  Liz K, which has a good SPF protection offering. More than the coverage, I like the natural finish, plus the reinforced benefits. No breakouts. 
Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist in BR3333. This is my third tube, first for this color. So yes, I’m loving it. Shu Uemura Pink Lipstick in Matte, PK356, and Gloss Unlimited AT 60C. One can never have too many lip balms, right?  Dr. Jart, Burt’s Bees, and Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  I love Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm. I got it in Sephora. I want more! 
BeautyBlender White (Pure), it’s your turn to be loved! Seemingly, with tender loving care, a beautyblender can last a while,  but one can never have too many BeautyBlenders, so the more the merrier!  ^_^ 

Truth be told, with the varying weather, which was warmer in Cali, cold and rainy in Chicago and Wisconsin, plus since we’re mostly on the go, I kept a makeup routine that’s quick and easy.
Even going for makeup-free. In all that, I made sure to be diligent in my skin care routine. Props to me! Yay!

#FOTD a.k.a. #Selfie #Selca in California, Las Vegas, and Chicago. #OakleyFan I used to always rave about my latest hair coloration adventure, I missed a post, but notice that I did update my ombre. Most pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. My brows are lovingly cared by The Brow Studio

About Fitflop, sometime ago, I used to post a countdown of my pairs, I actually got a newer pair, I lost count, I think I’m on my 14th pair. It slowed down over time, because you see, they are truly functional, durable, and enduring. See my Fitflop Dash, it’s super worth it! After several trips and OOTDs with it, It’s time to consider getting a newer pair. Shopping soon.

San Francisco and Chicago #OOTD : SM Floral Top/ Gap Tights/ FitFlop Dash/ Tory Burch Cardigan (This shrank from the drier! OMG!)/ Juicy Couture Bag/ Chicago Bears V-Neck Tee (it’s a gift #Grateful)/ Uniqlo Heattech Long Sleeves/ Style & Co Jeans/ Hermes Herline Tote 

More often than not, we don’t travel light. It’s a work in progress, but thank goodness for balikbayan boxes, so we shipped the excess baggages. Since we’re traveling to places with different weathers, and planned on different sorts of activities, I thought I needed to bring more pairs of shoes. I brought more than needed, apparently. Since it was mostly walking, for comfort and style, my ever-reliable Fitflop Dash boots was it! Imagine walking kilometers and kilometers and kilometers in downtown Chicago, I survived!

This is such a fun post to do. I love looking back. It can’t be helped, demure or not, still, I did take selfie and selca. *LoL 

Let’s try to do this more often. Cheers! ^_^


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