Welcome Back!

Good morning, Manila! It’s so good to be back (minus the overly warm weather). I have so much to tell! In fairness, my Instagram account (@chicsassymom) is fairly updated! Yay! Cheers! So do check it out!

Target Shopping Finds (EOS, NYX, Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Pocket Bac, Chicago Millennium Park, Swim Time at VDara Las Vegas, Β Meet Kale for Juicing, Medieval Times Dinner, More Gifts…Wen by Chaz Dean, Sky Deck Willis/Sears Tower, Superman Themed Birthday Cake, Taiwan Airport, my carry-on travel must haves, Carslbad San Diego, Driving around Los Angeles, Nyx Butter Lipsticks.Β 
Our grand vacation (love, love, love it) went by so fast, from Taipei, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Wisconsin, back to Los Angeles (and yes we made it to Sta, Monica Pier and Venice Beach…*sigh thinks Kim Tan/Lee Min Ho in Heirs), and San Diego, and back to Manila…home sweet home! Seven flights in total, we’re pleasantly tired!Β 
Dan! dan! dan! My MacBook Pro is back! Last time, I though it was, but it was only short-lived. So it has really been a while. Replacing the Mac Book Pro battery was surprisingly easy!

Genuinely Genius! Yay!

With just a quick call to Apple Store in Naperville for the appointment, about 20 minutes of diagnostic and replacement fee of $139 with tax, it’s a brand new Mac! Well almost, because I need a new Mac Book Pro Power Adapter, another trip at Best Buy, about $80 more, truly my precious is so back! I’m geared up to blog, a whole lot of posts!

I’m a happy girl, Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Naperville, Illinois

It was such a short, but oh so sweet trip to Naperville. Chicago, I can’t wait to be back! Cheers! ^_^


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