Charming Café Latte Art at Subspace Coffee House

Annyeong! ^_^ Sweetness. I finally found this much-raved Korean vibe cafe. I remember reading about it, but I didn’t deliberately look for it, until I realized that it’s so accessible to us. Possibly walking distance to some, but not to us. Hah. Anyhow, there’s a pay parking area adjacent to it, so that solves it.

So on one of my date day with my son, we went for a visit. We were pleasantly surprised. It’s a busy place to begin with, as it was almost jam packed, but once we were able to settle down, we felt the very inviting ambiance. Everyone is just taking their sweet time relishing their drinks and food, plus taking selfie or selca amid the quaint interiors. Aha moment! I guess that’s where the ‘subspace’ concept comes alive, the place is a delightful escape amid the hustle and bustle of Ortigas Center living.

Iced and Hot Purple Potato Latte. Super cute.  Bear Love Latte Art. Yum! Kyeopta! ^_^ It’s purple yum, or Ube, right? Or is it kamote? But anywhow, if you love ube jam or cake, this will be a delightful treat. 
Such a cozy place to dine and unwind. There’s an extensive menu of food and drinks to explore. Various K-Pop merchandise are also available for sale. 
My Date. 
While waiting, doting on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for some play time. More pictures, I just can’t take enough photos of him.  Plus the place showcases unique furniture pieces and designs.This side please, the other way. So many possible #photooftheday #pixoftheday OoTD: Giordano

We fell in love with the Cucumber Kani Croissant. We’re stuffed. Since I was on a special diet then (*Lol), I had to miss out on the latte. So today, with my friend, I went back and fell in love with café latte…the drink and the artwork. I can’t wait for more.

I love coffee, tea, and almost everything in between. Plus, I’m a big Hallyu fan, and the place is very, very Seoul-ful. Yay! There’s so much more to try in this charming coffee house. I usually see leaves, tulips, and hearts on my latte. With the higher level of intricacy devoted in the in every Subspace Coffee drinks, bear, and what have you, I’m sold! Teehee! ^_^

Subspace Coffee is located at Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig 1606

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