Mezcal Con Guzano, Speculoos Cookie Butter and More {Pasalubong}

So happy to be back (almost).
A couple of weeks ago, my better half had to go to Mexico City for work. (So that’s why I’m all by myself during our LSGH Grade 3 Family Day, and I didn’t go on a Valentine’s Date, but he did surprise me with flowers and cake, thank you Hon! So sweet!) Anyhow, he had an extended layover (2 days) in Los Angeles. It allowed him for some time to visit family, and a little bit of shopping.

Fruit, Nuts and More. Street Vendors. Scene from Mexico.
Because he knows I love to drink. Just Kidding. So this is Mezcal Con Gusano (with worm/larva). Here’s an interesting read about Tequila and Mezcal. He got it for about 280 Mexican Peso.
Mezcal Reposado El Platanar Con Gusano or with worm. Apparently, the worm, is a larva found from the Agave Plant. It sort of show high proof of quality that if the worm remains intact, then the percentage of alcohol is high enough to preserve it. Made from 100% Agave. We learned that this is a popular Mexican drink from Agave Plant. 

At times, I can be quite a drinker, haha! Salud! 
It was mostly work, so he had little time to tour, although it was not the first trip in Mexico.

LAX bound. I know for sure that he wouldn’t have enough time to go to my usual favorite stops namely SephoraBath and Body WorksOutlet StoresTJ Maxx, etc, I just demanded requested for him to please make sure to get some stuff. I couldn’t possibly ask him to get me more makeups. So for the moment, we’re happy and grateful for these!

L’il Critters Gummy Vitamins for son. Soymilk for the whole family Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter.

Definitely, he needed to visit Costco. Initially, he was supposed to bring two boxes of Soymilk (Plain and Vanilla), but, oh my, a box is about 20 kg. Although, he did have more baggage allocations since he’s on Business Class, he could only bring a box and a half. My shopping list originally mentioned Silk in Chocolate flavor. Although, son is also okay with Silk Original. But in Costco, that time, it only had the smaller, ready to drink packs.

Chic & Sassy Tip: We love soy milk because some brands have more calcium servings. Plus it’s effortless to drink. But not all soy milk tastes nice. Do taste test. Even in Silk, we don’t like the Pure Almond Vanilla, but we love the Pure Almond in Dark Chocolate.

Youth Theory. Collagen. Age beautifully. Bring it on! It’s an affordable alternative to Collagen Drinks (recommended usage of ivi Premium Collagen Ready to Drink at Php 199/bottle/day), this one sells for $20+ for 390 tablets at 6 tablets/day, that’s good for 65 Days. Although, lesser in collagen content or serving (ivi’s 10,000 mg, while Youth Theory has 6,000 mg), so far, so good. Here’s to taking baby steps to aging beautifully. (Although every so often, I still take pleasure in indulging with iVi, I deserve a treat, don’t I?)

Trader Joe’s, we will meet soon! We requested for the now-ever-popular pasalubong from the US, Speculoos Cookie and Crunchy Cookie Peanut Butter.

I also got more jeans from Macy’s (most of my pants are from Macy’s Style and Co. line, I love the Petite Short style, and the tummy control features). We got chocolate, bed sheets, towels, and more. Thank you to our ever dearest relatives for everything!

I love California! Till next time, then! Cheers! ^_^

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