Korean Drama-rama and More Lee Min Ho Time #FanGirl

Thank goodness for K-Dramas!

Fellow fan girls and Korean Drama Addicts, Min-joon and Song-yi are the ultimate OTP, aren’t they?

You From Another Star (Done at 21 Episodes). a.k.a. My Love From Another Star with Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun. 

I could not really do full review of it, but promise, everything is awesome with You From Another Star. It’s refreshing to see Jun Ji-Hyun (of My Sassy Girl) in a television drama. She rules! No words. As for Kim Soo-Hyun, I have great respect for his acting powers. He loves, cries, and kisses so mighty well, I hope to see him soon! Hah. I have so much emotional investment in the drama, because I didn’t marathon it, I waited patiently each week. And it did not fail to deliver!

Empress Ki (Now on Episode 33 of 50) with Ha Ji-won and Ji Chang-wook 

As for the Empress Ki, I’m Team Emperor all the way! It’s the first 50-Episode drama I committed in watching full time so far. I love Ha Ji-won, although it’s the first time that I’m seeing Ji Chang-wook as a possible romantic lead, I’m sold! More so, I’m looking forward to April 2014, it’s a nice makeshift countdown that I do every week. Again, Team Emeperor, please!

And for the greatest news, Lee Min Ho is coming back to town!

For the third time around, Lee Min Ho is having another fun meet this coming March 21, 2014. I changed my mind, after feeling a little bit heartbroken from his July My Everything Concert, (Yes! I also went, got VVIP even, but I didn’t get to blog about it though!), I need to heal my broken heart, and see him again. #Drama It’s a date! Cheers! ^_^

To know more about Lee Min Ho’s Manila Fun Meet 2014, please visit the official BenchPh page. 

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