Updates: I’m on a 1200-Calorie Diet! #WishMeLuck

#TGIF Oh yay! And it’s the last Friday of the love month. How’s your February? Hope it’s another love-filled month for everyone. Mine, was fairly so, so. As always, I’m all over the place to do this and that. And work isI’m a worrywart,  I think too much! Haay! In my FB page, I occasionally mention stuff…yes, I’m on a 1200-Calorie- Diet, I’m subscribed to a 5-Day diet plan via food delivery services in the metro, which apparently are a lot, and I’m so late! So far, so good, I tried two companies so far, I’m on my week 1 1/2, because I didn’t start full week on The Happy Diet, and now I’m on Lunchbox Diet. Next week, I’ll be on Happy Diet Delivery. Please stay tuned for a lengthier post. #HealthyLiving #FitForLife

Food is here. #1200CalorieDiet 

I can’t wait to talk about the experience in details. Not to preempt, but this might be something that I can truly commit doing until I reach my dream weight. My pre-pregnancy weight (and that’s yearsss ago!) is so elusive! Plus, overall, I’m so not-fit! So yes, let’s do this! Cheers! ^_^

Please see my detailed post on four 1200-Calorie Diet Plan Providers in Metro Manila, here.

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