Monogrammed Scarves For Her and Silk Ties For Him by 1988 A.D. Manila

Sharing with you these awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from 1988 A.D. 1988 A.D. is an online store for monogrammed scarves and silk slim/skinny ties. Our gifts came in beautiful gift boxes. #LoveIt

1988 A.D. Manila Online Scarves and Neckties. Discover @wear1988ad on Instagram.
Unboxing. For moi, Monogrammed Scarf Sarah Jessica Print. For more pretty ways to wear scarf, see here
Slim/Skinny Tie for Hubby in For Print
Although, I have yet to fine my very own name (so far I chose my nickname since it’s a 3-letter word anyway so it fits), or initials lovingly engraved a la Mon Monagram the LV way (ahem! is there anyone out there?!)… I’m happy to have more of these baby steps. 
I love red, and I have a fascination for Elephants, I think they’re magical and romantic at the same time. Think Water for Elephants (book and movie, and yes Rob Pattinson), I used to dream of riding one, but not anymore since I don’t want to condone animal abuse… maybe in another lifetime, in a natural setup, not as a tourist ride. 
And as for the slim tie, my very-picky hubby, loves this. He’s usually a Harvey Specter kinda guy, but he’s also sold to the idea of Mike Ross’s Fashion in Suits…young and impeccably suited for success! 
Family Picture. Hubby impeccably suited (Arrow, Gap and 1988 AD Tie) during my son’s First Holy Communion. On me, OOTD: Zara LBD, Nine West Slingback High Heels, Tory Burch Cardigan, LV Monogram Speedy Bag. 
See more of 1988 A.D.’s beautiful selection of prints and designs for your monogrammed scarves, and silk skinny/slim ties, for gentlemen, by following them on @Wear1988 on Instagram. Visit and follow on wear1988ad.tumblr.com.
We received these sometime ago (so sorry for the belated posting!) from my young work and school mate. Haha. (I do have to mention young, but I’m proud that were schoolmates in UA&P albeit yearsss apart.) Anyhoo, I love personalized gifts, remember these, so I just have to rave about these. I can’t wait to do an OOTD with the scarf. Cheers! ^_^

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